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  • Think twice upon everything that you do.
  • He will never think twice of you.
  • Ronicky gave her no chance to think twice.
  • But I advise you to think twice.
  • Now God forbid; think twice of this, dear lady.
  • I recommend you to think twice before you respond in the negative.
  • Let me advise you to think twice before you make use of such threats to me.
  • Think twice before you set about it," he warned.
  • Ah, one should always think twice before one cuts down a tree!
  • An' they'll think twice about puttin' me ashore blind.
  • Let us be merciful, therefore, and think twice before we batter down Chiavari.
  • You think twice, Letty, that's all I say.
  • But I shouldn't think twice about wanting to be happier with you.
  • Faith, I'd think twice before lookin at it meself in the dark.

How To Use Think Twice In A Sentence?

  • The one man gets an audience, and the audience has time to think twice about him.
  • It is ever well to think twice before speaking once, for thus mistakes die stillborn.
  • Therefore I consider we should always think twice before we accept the invitation.
  • And still, either of them might think twice before starting anything unarmed, or alone.
  • Without stopping to think twice, I dived under the cloth and crouched upon the floor.
  • Have you the consummate impudence to imagine that my niece would think twice of an ignorant young hawbuck without birth or education?
  • For who with a spark of manly spirit would think twice about a book with a new free-wheel champing the oil like a charger in a ballad?
  • Of course I should have to rough it; but what young man would think twice of that, with an adventurous life before him?
  • Folks is likely to think twice in a matter like this, for I mean business, an' she knows it.
  • But then her father is rich, and I suppose she never has to think twice before spending a dollar, as some of us are obliged to do.
  • We would think twice before eating the leavings of another man's food, or drinking out of a cup polluted by another man's lips.
  • Upon this point you can consult with Mr. Gifford, and think twice before you publish it at all.
  • I did not stop to think twice, or to remember that I was pitted against the greatest debater in all England.
  • She knew that he was pleased from his manner, which had the joyousness of a child playing with a new toy, and she did not think twice of his occupation.
  • But if he is aware of the fact that if he strikes the fatal blow he must atone for his crime on the gallows, he is more liable to think twice before striking his innocent victim once.
  • A few flourishes of the cutlasses cleared the way for them, and before the governor could think twice, the young tars had gained a footing on the deck.
  • Any sense of fear that might have come upon Marcy Gray, if he had been given time to think twice, was lost in profound astonishment.
  • When Lord Denmeath sees all these at work, take my word for it, he will think twice, before he will let them operate upon the public.
  • The fact that all escort forces were very inadequate placed a very heavy responsibility upon the escort commanders, and made them think twice before detaching a destroyer in order to protect stragglers.
  • She will think twice next time before she does any chasing, when anybody from Raven Patrol is around, I guess.
  • Perhaps after this Nick would think twice before attacking a weaker boy, who might have a friend capable and willing to take up cudgels in his behalf.
  • He had not the slightest idea of shooting at any intruder, his sole intention being to give the other a good scare, that would be apt to make him think twice before returning again to the moored houseboat.
  • That would ease the pressure; the others would think twice before attacking us; they might even draw off until an overwhelming force could be brought against us.
  • I wouldna think twice about giving you one myself only you wouldn't have kisses from the likes of me.
  • I did not glance toward Cassion, but felt no doubt as to the look on his face; yet he would think twice before laying hand on this stern soldier who had offered me protection.
  • If they could crush these, punishing them effectually, they thought, the great body of the Creeks would think twice before deciding to make the contemplated war.
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