Think We In A Sentence

How To Use Think We In A Sentence?

  • I think we should be happier apart.
  • Let them think we know nothing.
  • I think we ought to put her down.
  • I think we went through a pass.
  • Did you think we might be lost?

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Think We | Think We Sentence

  • What do you think we should do?
  • Think we can back out of it?
  • Think we can make it?
  • I do not think we are.
  • What do you think we are going to do?
  • I think we can make him do it.
  • What do you think we should gain by that?
  • You think we know him?
  • I should rather think we did.
  • As we think we become.
  • I think we gain in them all.
  • What do you think we had better do?
  • Do you think we can climb up?
  • Now we think we understand.
  • Think we could confirm.
  • Where do you think we are going?
  • I think we have been fortunate.
  • I think we should have a row.
  • What do you think we have been doing this evening?
  • I think we will try for it.
  • I think we all understand that.
  • And you think we cannot be comrades?
  • And what do you think we saw!
  • Mountains and oceans we think we understand.
  • And you think we ought to be hanged?
  • I think we have had enough of squaws.
  • I think we shall all die!
  • I hardly think we believed each other.
  • Do you think we will trust such villains as you?
  • I think we had better be going now.
  • Do you really think we are of any use here?
  • I think we ought to raise them.
  • I think we are quite agreed in that.
  • Do you think we grudge postage from you?
  • Nick would think we were all in league against him.
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