Thinking I In A Sentence

How To Use Thinking I In A Sentence?

  • He did not reciprocate my forgiveness, thinking I had run against him intentionally.
  • Say, dad gave me a lecture on not thinking I was going there to just play football.
  • Guckhardt came early, and thinking I was asleep, retired without speaking to me.
  • A servant, thinking I was ill, hastened to inquire if he could be of any assistance to me.
  • I was surprised to find it deserted, and came down, thinking I might see some of you on the water.
  • I fell into the hold, and the mutineers, thinking I was dead, did not follow me.
  • Barry Cornwall thinking I had received it must have thought me a very neglectful fellow.
  • To this thinking I have only to add a point of view: I have been in the world, but not of it.
  • Only for the moment I was thinking I could be smelling the dew on the bogs, yonder.
  • So thinking I became aware of increasing light; strode past Yuruk to the door and peeped out.
  • He agreed to that, and I left the old country, little thinking I should ever see it again.
  • I had nothing to do with it; but you or Professor Serviss would be justified in thinking I did.
  • We got there just as the train was going to start; and I jumped, thinking I could help her up.
  • One day I found a piece of twisted paper which I picked up thinking I had dropped it myself.
  • And yet, do you know, in the night I was thinking, I was coming to conclusions, very like yours.
  • That, thought I, must be divine: so thinking, I stumbled on a heap of human bones.
  • Thinking I could divine its cause, I came to see you, and am glad to find I was not mistaken.
  • The whole day long, I was walking with Frans and the Hijdrechts, thinking I was not your son.
  • Now that I've a knife, I'm thinking I can give account of one of them damned sentries, at least.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Thinking I | Thinking I Sentence

  • Of what he was thinking I do not know.
  • Why do you persist in thinking I am in love?
  • You will be thinking I have slept in your barn all night.
  • Lucien looked at me, thinking I was joking.
  • I was always thinking I would....
  • Almost without thinking I said I should be pleased.
  • The Nieuport came after me, thinking I had not seen him.
  • Before I knew it, she was thinking I had suddenly gone mad.
  • He is thinking, I am convinced, of the new Goliath Beetle.
  • I've done all the thinking I wanted to do.
  • I could not be mistaken in thinking I had smelt tobacco like that before.
  • Beside me the old woman stirred, thinking I was speaking to her.
  • I took a little stroll thinking I could walk off my appetite.
  • He does it without thinking,' I replied.
  • Without thinking, I uttered the first thing that came into my head.
  • Stainton was thinking: "I must get her away.
  • Got thinking, I suppose, and didn't know we was so close.
  • I woke in the middle of the night, thinking I heard low noises of wild animals.
  • I was just thinking I was safe, when I saw a horseman behind me.
  • George, I have been thinking; I really am not good enough to be your wife.
  • If I doze off for a moment I wake up, thinking I hear their yells.
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