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  • Our thinking is done for us.
  • For thinking is in itself a supersensible activity.
  • Hasty thinking is likely to confuse the two.
  • Great thinking is accomplished best in solitude.
  • But you see thinking is quite in my line.
  • My thinking is become a painful effort.
  • Such a popular way of thinking is undoubtedly correct.
  • The gift of second thinking is a great gift.
  • All thinking is based on memory, you know.
  • This, to my thinking, is also a delusion.
  • This, I cannot help thinking, is an unmixed evil.
  • Thinking is a function of the brain just as walking is a function of the legs.
  • The object of thinking is to introduce congruity between the two.
  • In the sense of being accompanied by imagery all thinking is imaginative.
  • Thinking is easier than willing, and willing is easier than doing.
  • Consistent and orderly thinking is precisely such a change of subject-matter.
  • The best way to restore the habit of thinking is to do away with the names.
  • One hour of concentrated thinking is worth weeks of thoughtless practice.
  • Thinking is a thing full of contradictions, a dialectical secret.
  • Again, discursive thinking is regarded as an interruption of religion.
  • Already his thinking is often a low speaking, yet only in part.
  • How often children's thinking is thus nipped in the bud!
  • There is much time to think, and thinking is a highly dangerous business.
  • The boy who strikes without thinking is simply one who acts without thinking.
  • Fundamental to all religious thinking is the conception of Deity.

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  • To say that language is necessary for thinking is to say that signs are necessary.
  • His thinking is effective in preventing difficult situations, as well as in getting out of them.
  • If the act of thinking is itself motor, its expression is somewhat attenuated in adults.
  • We may recapitulate by saying that the origin of thinking is some perplexity, confusion, or doubt.
  • Excessive reading, unaccompanied by thinking, is sure to produce a stilted, conventional style.
  • I repeat that I am not speaking of a girl to whom thinking is tiresome and boring....
  • Thinking is an act which idealizes experience by transforming sensations into an intelligible whole.
  • Thinking is an ordering of subject-matter with reference to discovering what it signifies or indicates.
  • A person who has at command both types of thinking is of a higher order than he who possesses only one.
  • The man who does not do his own thinking is a slave, and is a traitor to himself and to his fellow-men.
  • Thinking is a physical process and it cannot exist or produce anything without materials any more than any other process of labor.
  • The need of thinking to accomplish something beyond thinking is more potent than thinking for its own sake.
  • Thinking is not a case of spontaneous combustion; it does not occur just on "general principles.
  • There is nothing in the evidence to show that thinking is a special kind of activity, which operates now and then.
  • True, thinking is different from feeling, but it is nevertheless a feeling the same as gladness and sorrow.
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