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  • Slice thinly when cold.
  • The morning was thinly bright.
  • They were thinly clad when captured.
  • The country has throughout been thinly populated.
  • The yolk should be thinly covered by the white.
  • I smiled thinly and looked up into her eyes.
  • But the country was populated very thinly and he saw none.
  • Peel it thinly and set aside to get cold.
  • Peel and slice the onions thinly and grate the cheese.
  • A few soldiers were thinly scattered along the road.
  • The mountain territory is quite thinly settled.
  • Mix well and then spread between the thinly sliced bread.
  • The trees around are thinly scattered, and very small.
  • A tribe thinly occupying large spaces feels lonely.
  • She sliced the potatoes thinly on a "slaw" cutter.
  • Then of boards thinly covered with, usually, black wax.
  • It was thinly covered with oaks, and belonged to Oblivion.
  • But Hawk Carse smiled thinly at this.
  • I smiled thinly at Phil Harrison and shrugged.
  • The country was thinly wooded in some places and scrubby at others.
  • Add layer of thinly sliced bananas and then a layer of shredded orange.
  • The boys were thinly clad, both were barelegged and barefooted.
  • Place a dumpling on top and then a layer of thinly sliced hard-boiled egg.
  • The ways were less frequented, and the country more thinly inhabited.
  • The smoke from the smouldering logs of the camp fire curled thinly upwards.
  • The land near the creek was particularly good and thinly wooded with box.
  • Her lips did not move, and the words came thinly from her throat.
  • Alabama, in these days, had been only thinly settled by white people.
  • Then still another voice cried briefly, thinly in agony and despair.

How To Use Thinly In A Sentence?

  • With a spoon baste the water over the yolk until it is covered thinly with white.
  • The town is thinly peopled; the number of inhabitants being not more than 2000.
  • The land generally is thinly wooded with myall and well grassed with the best grasses.
  • This part of the country is but thinly inhabited, and the dwellings are generally small.
  • There was only a subdued light, from lamps thinly sprinkled among the ferns and flowers.
  • The vast expanse of open country covered thinly with grass involves the herding system.
  • Already he had heard one or two thinly veiled sneers at the result of this much-lauded case.
  • The other accessories, all more thinly coated, were likewise ready for his use.
  • Then the etching is removed with water, and the plate very thinly gummed up and left to dry.
  • It was broken by the sound of a shot, coming back to us thinly through the rarefied air.
  • In times when a country was but thinly inhabited by men, they had few arts; they were hunters.

Definition of Thinly

In a thin, loose, or scattered manner; scantily; not thickly.
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