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  • Maria grew thinner than ever.
  • It became thinner and thinner.
  • It made him seem thinner and taller.
  • She seemed to have become thinner and more fragile.
  • It is smaller and thinner (approx.
  • The child gets thinner and weaker every day; then dies.
  • Martin Lorimer seemed thinner and older.
  • Then her cheek was pale, and thinner than should be for one so young.
  • Then he felt three tugs on the thinner cord, and began to haul steadily.
  • Also I have not grown thinner than is natural under the circumstances.
  • Such a volume would be far thinner than the Wordsworth selection.
  • The crowd in the picture-gallery was thinner when Violet went back.

How To Use Thinner In A Sentence?

  • She was thinner and paler and more beautiful, with an air of distinction that was new.
  • The richer and wider my phrases the thinner sounded my voice in these non-resonating gatherings.
  • But how green it looked, and how intensely it threw the thinner foliage into relief.
  • The trees grew thinner in front, and through them they could see rocky ground rising steeply up.
  • This man Higgins rewarded with a kick which would have shattered a thinner skull to bits.
  • He is thinner than he was, but who could have guessed that the boy he was would grow to be such a handsome man!
  • Dimly and fitfully visible in the intervals of thinner gloom, this figure had a most uncanny and disquieting aspect.
  • To reflect the other colors the film would have to grow thinner for each color, in the progression from red to violet.
  • Her only hint of flinching came from a slackening in the flow of speech and a higher, thinner quality in the voice.
  • Connecting the circles were thinner lines; and at the points where they met there were round spots numbered from one to nine.
  • His face was sterner and thinner and whiter than before, and there were traces of thought in the deep shadows beneath his eyes.
  • They are thinner and more delicate in structure than the arteries, so that when emptied of their blood, they become flattened and collapsed.
  • The ILEUM is smaller, and thinner in texture, and somewhat paler, than the jejunum.
  • My father took the room after my mother was gone, and day by day he grew thinner and paler and sadder.
  • Her face was pale, and she was thinner than before, while there was a hard, defiant look in her eyes.
  • Ruth was thinner than of old, but she looked bright and happy, for the past two years had been very peaceful.
  • The shells are thinner than are those of the black walnut, but thicker than are those of the Persian walnut.
  • The thinner the original redwood stand, the greater the effort necessary at the time of logging to obtain the required density.
  • The mist was thinner here, and pin-points of light from a row of lamps showed in a straight line for a considerable distance.
  • To make an overshoe, the rubber is run through rollers and formed into thick sheets for soles and thinner sheets for uppers.
  • The colonel fussed and fumed, and his three spinster charges drew their pale lips into thinner paler lines.
  • The rest grasped the thinner end, swung it back, and drove the other forward with all the impetus they could furnish.
  • The dropsy of debility is due to a loss of tone of the vascular system; the walls of the vessels become thinner and therefore dilate.
  • The little face itself was thinner and older than ever: horribly flea-bitten still, but bloodlessly pale.
  • It was a full twelve inches in length, that blade, and it came to a point drawn out thinner than the eye could follow.
  • Small transparent tubes running through the various tissues, and containing a colorless fluid somewhat thinner than blood, called lymph.
  • The walls of the right ventricle, being thinner than the left, are more distensible, and thus this cavity will contain a greater amount of blood.
  • Every morning when dressing she examined it anxiously, even fearfully, to see whether it was becoming thinner or losing its misty glints of gold.

Definition of Thinner

comparative form of thin: more thin | A liquid substance used to thin the consistency of another liquid. | Something that thins.
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