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  • She had thirsted to death.
  • She had hungered and thirsted for him.
  • She thirsted for the sound again.
  • She thirsted for his lips.
  • He thirsted from the depths of his soul.
  • I thirsted to know, to do, to become.
  • In my reign none {70} hungered; none thirsted therein.
  • But she no longer thirsted with unquenchable ardor for conquests.
  • They joined that procession ignorantly because they thirsted for pleasure.
  • Meantime we hungered and thirsted as many a poor castaway had before us.
  • He thirsted for vengeance against these rebels, and determined to subdue them.
  • The auditor jumped for joy, and thirsted for unlimited draughts.
  • He braided straw to get money to buy books which his soul thirsted for.
  • Now that he knew who Colliver was he thirsted after his account.
  • He had been cheated, robbed, and his soul thirsted for revenge.
  • As a war god he thirsted for human blood, and was depicted as a mighty lion.
  • What he thirsted for was hope, a gleam of sunshine, a whisper of good news.
  • She scarcely knew that she thirsted for Catherine, but this was so.
  • He thirsted for water: I fed him the curdless milk of the cattle.
  • The Bazar-Sergeant thirsted for a criminal action, and his son lied.

How To Use Thirsted In A Sentence?

  • Yet there is a marvel which kings and prophets thirsted to see and did not see.
  • When they left it they hungered and thirsted for it; they sickened till the hour of their return.
  • Yes, he thirsted for revenge as might any traveler in a desert crave for water.
  • From professional incontinence, perhaps, he thirsted for a full cup of harrowing detail.
  • If you have received water up to yesterday your great-grandchild must indeed have thirsted that you might drink.
  • So, though she thirsted for information, not for the world would she have aroused his suspicions by questions.
  • He has also the long reed and the sponge which the soldier used to give him a drink of vinegar and gall when he thirsted on the cross.
  • Secreted in the fastnesses of the hills, and tenderly cared for by his wife, he nursed his wounds and thirsted for revenge.
  • It seemed so impossible to irritate this old maid into the scolding match she thirsted for, that she was growing to despise as well as detest her.
  • He ruled for a long time wisely and well, for he had known the discipline of life, and had hungered and thirsted like the lowest of his subjects.
  • The nations sought its granaries in famine; the Israelites in the wilderness thirsted for the cooling vegetables of its gardens.
  • Mullane thirsted for the coming meeting, and for the prominence its outcome would give him among all good soldiers all over Texas.
  • They thirsted in deserts, hungered in the wilderness, froze in the blizzards, died with the plagues, and were massacred by the savages.
  • She was passionately fond of him, though sometimes, during their misunderstandings, she would vow and declare that she thirsted for his blood....
  • As the ramifications of the plot spread they were perceived by the renowned Sheikh Sherif, who still nursed his chagrin and thirsted for revenge.
  • Having tasted blood, they now thirsted for it, and I asked myself, forebodingly, if a return to civil life would find them less ferocious.
  • He had not the passionate haste of one who has thirsted for some such community of assurance, and flies over the ground, plucking a leaf here and there, meaning to return.
  • Danton had now accomplished his task; but his vanity thirsted for additional applause, and he entered into a catalogue of his services to Republicanism.
  • He felt assured that the infamous conventicle at Worms must have been already met by the Pope, and he thirsted for news from Rome.
  • At the castle gates he encountered a party of raving Axphainians, crazed with anger over the flight of the man whose life they had thirsted for so ravenously.

Definition of Thirsted

simple past tense and past participle of thirst
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