Thirsty In A Sentence

How To Use Thirsty In A Sentence?

  • When we grew thirsty the captain and myself resorted to our jug of distilled water.
  • He felt only that he was thirsty for life, and that he must drink deep to be satisfied.
  • Dermot was glad when he saw the well; for he was hot and thirsty after climbing up the cliff.
  • Tea, coffee, and bottled soda; nothing that ever touched the thirsty spots in her throat.
  • I fancied I could see the thirsty blades and leaves reach up to drink in the restoring element.
  • I must have slept for four or five hours, when I woke thirsty and feverish, and very weak.
  • Even now the thirsty beast in her was raising its head and crying out for what was at once tonic and narcotic.
  • But not one of the guests was sufficiently hungry or thirsty to taste of the good things provided for them.
  • By these offerings alone could the hungry and thirsty phantom which had replaced the living man be kept alive.
  • When they refreshed their lips at cool mountain springs, he continued hungry and thirsty on his way.
  • Ascalon was the end of the trail for thirsty cowboys who gave vent to their pent-up feelings without restraint.
  • I assure you that if you underestimate the power of the millions of thirsty mouths that speak through us, you will rue the consequences.
  • There was some water in the cask, and the thirsty lamb stretched his neck farther and farther down to get a drink.
  • Without waiting for this division the thirsty Captain immediately seized the gill cup and drained it.
  • They fed, without satisfying her craving, and like water to a thirsty soul only increased her thirst.
  • They leaped and crackled angrily and licked the roof with their hot, thirsty tongues, and he turned away his head.
  • It is not well to drink too much when one is as thirsty as you are, besides I want to talk with you.
  • It was as welcome to Him in that hour of desertion and reproach as is the sight of a tuft of grass to the thirsty traveller in the desert.
  • Instead, he threw himself on a couch, turning his face to the still open window and drinking in with thirsty gasps the blessed, revivifying air.
  • Passing through the valley of Baca, he saw springs bubbling up from the sand, and making pools for thirsty souls.
  • Certainly, unless one is very thirsty and has a great deal of vacant time, it is best to avoid the Pierian spring.
  • When the three hours had elapsed I looked anxiously around for water, as I was thirsty in the extreme.
  • The thirsty let me show Where the rivers of gladness spring, And fountains of mercy flow!
  • I Outside there was shimmering heat and dry, thirsty sand, miles upon miles of it flashing by in a gray, barren blur.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Thirsty | Thirsty Sentence

  • Awful thirsty and no water to drink.
  • Pears are gross and thirsty feeders.
  • The thirsty birds had stopped singing.
  • It makes one thirsty just to look at them.
  • He looked thirsty and unhappy and bored.
  • Moreover, he was thirsty and half famished.
  • It is a thirsty walk, and she will bring him wine.
  • I am as thirsty for California, Paine, as a man for drink.
  • He accepted it gladly for he was thirsty and felt unaccountably weak.
  • How many thirsty elbows have rubbed this table in the forgotten years!
  • Huge fissures in the parched soil seemed to gape as with thirsty mouths.
  • A brakeman pumped the water barrel full of water for the thirsty flock.
  • How now, master poet, is there no thirsty passage in your throat?
  • The Princess was so thirsty that she dismounted and drank from the stream.
  • Then should he weak, or thirsty be, O he might stoop to drink of me!
  • I woke up thirsty as a water-front bum, an' beat it for the water-barrel.

Definition of Thirsty

Needing to drink. | Causing thirst; giving one a need to drink. | Craving something.
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