This Argument In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For This Argument | This Argument Sentence

  • How imposing is this argument!
  • This argument is very important.
  • How is this argument to be answered?
  • What does this argument amount to?
  • But this argument is needless.
  • This argument was decisive.
  • She was proud of this argument.
  • This argument is plausible.
  • Now about this argument about reprinted stories.
  • Connor turned the flank of this argument.
  • To this argument there could be no answer.
  • Surely the courts did not accept this argument?
  • This argument does not need elaborate exposure.
  • This argument staggered the girls for a moment.
  • Grayson sat for some time helpless before this argument.
  • This argument may be dismissed in a few words.
  • Most of us feel the pull of this argument.
  • But at the root of this argument there is a great error.
  • This argument evidently failed to appeal to the court.
  • Indeed, this argument is of universal application.
  • And indeed, there lies the sophistry of this argument.
  • This argument was a clinching one; and it prevailed.
  • This argument undertakes not to prove, but to illustrate.
  • Save with her own small group, this argument missed fire.
  • This argument, too, has to fall by the wayside.
  • This argument went to and fro, increasing in acerbity.
  • Chimerical as this argument may sound, it had much weight.
  • Wish, somehow, that he had not added this argument.
  • Quherupon I ground this argument.
  • And I found this argument satisfactory.
  • This argument, however specious, did not prove good.
  • Mr. Binney was very much impressed by this argument.
  • The weight of this argument left Jack defenseless.
  • Believe you mock me in this argument, I have no power.

How To Use This Argument In A Sentence?

  • This argument, poor Greek, what does it weigh?
  • This argument also was advanced by Hinton (1926:47-48).
  • This argument (said Luther) is Stoical, &c.
  • This argument never has been and probably never will be answered.
  • The more this argument is pondered the stronger its force becomes.
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