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  • I fully agree that this concept is fundamental in the expression of physical science.
  • In other words this concept of the fundamental relations within nature is inadequate.
  • Clearly our concept of the author and this concept of the copier are two sides of the same coin.
  • I have never been able to find in history or experience anything to fit this concept.
  • If this concept were not existing, it would lack the main thing required for its perfection.
  • The remainder of the Eleatic philosophy is the analysis of this concept and the proof of its implications.
  • But as a concept walking is simply a rythmical motion, and the analysis of this concept furnishes us with the conscious understanding of this fact.
  • Practically the nature of heat consists of the sum total of all its manifestations, theoretically in its concept, scientifically in the analysis of this concept.
  • There are atoms in precisely the sense intended by scientific law, in that the formulas computed with the aid of this concept are true of certain natural processes.
  • This concept has its history, and if it is permissible to apply a very general formula to a particular case we may say that it has developed according to the law of the three states assumed by the positivists.
  • Any child with an Atlas in hand can now decry the mistake of having given to this concept more credence than did Oxley or Macquarie: does not hindsight make history so simple?
  • The term, as Barlow employed it, struck a useful chord, and this concept of cyberspace was picked up by Time, Scientific American, computer police, hackers, and even Constitutional scholars.
  • It is true that there is such a thing as ether, not as gratuitously rounded out by the imagination, with various attributes of immediate experience, but just in so far as this concept is employed in verified descriptions of radiation, magnetism, or electricity.
  • Probably this concept is the very first that is formed by the quite young infant, only he would not name it "food," if indeed he named it at all, but would understand by it everything that puts an end to the feeling of hunger.
  • A proper understanding of this concept gives the key to an adequate appreciation of the tremendous claim made by the Author of the Faith, both with regard to His own station, and to the incomparable greatness of His Dispensation.
  • It would not appear to be impossible to reconcile the action of private investment and private enterprise with this concept of the right of the wage earners to exert control over the policy of production, in so far as they can establish the fact that human or material resources are not being well applied--the general interest being the test.
  • This explains why Gregory IX did not believe that in handing over heretics to the secular arm he participated directly or indirectly in a death sentence.[4] The tribunals of the Inquisition which he established in no way modified this concept of ecclesiastical justice.
  • " If we analyze this concept, we find that "pure" reason consists in the activity of producing general ideas out of concrete materials, which include so-called immaterial thoughts.
  • Granting this to be true, and that we must think of country as personal and active, the question arises whether this concept of country is something that _requires in any definite way educational interference_. We should say that if countries are essentially living historic entities having as such a high degree of reality, this reality-sense will be an important element in the practical life of peoples.
  • Evidently encouraged by her success, the child from that time on used _appn_ for "eat, I want to eat," as a sign of her desire to eat in general, because those about her "accepted this signification and took the word stamped by her upon this concept for current coin, else it would very likely have been lost."
  • The concept of _self-existent being_, which is equally suggested by the laws of our mental constitution, does not apply to everything that exists, but only to that whose existence is not originated or determined by any other being; and this concept springs also from experience and abstraction, combined, however, with the law or principle of _causality_, which teaches us that no change can occur in Nature, and that nothing can ever come into being,

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  • But it did not create this concept out of nothing.
  • Yet this concept is the image of an actual thing perceived through the senses.
  • But in order to be able to analyze this concept, we must analyze the object.
  • This concept of the State implied the vigorous prosecution of heresy.
  • To attempt to eliminate fear and retain this concept of God is vain.
  • He would rather live and die in fear than change this concept of God.
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