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  • Nothing can keep out this film of water.
  • This film is called the negative.
  • He's not on in this film.
  • One end of this film is fastened to the empty, or lower, reel.
  • "This film certainly will be unique," I thought.
  • "This film is a hit, all right."

How To Use This Film In A Sentence?

  • This film is not a coating added on the outside like paint and enamel or tin and nickel plate.
  • This film, or book, or song, is mine; anything you do with it, or to it, you do at my sufferance.
  • Now this film water is just the form of water that can supply the very slender root hairs without drowning them, that is, without keeping the air from them.
  • It is not proposed here to argue the question as to whether the presence of this film, which appears when some rubbers are stretched, is detrimental to the physical qualities of the product on vulcanisation.
  • But this film was not of glass or any other transparent but solid substance; it consisted of a beautiful, clear waterfall, transparent as a veil, and noiseless as a fine summer rain.
  • As an alternative method paint a thin layer of Schallibaum's solution on the slide with a camel's hair pencil; lay the section carefully on this film and heat gently to fix the section.
  • If we could conceive the blue vault of the heavens to be half a sphere of a soap bubble, the color that the sky would appear to us (if the light could be thrown upon it from beneath) would be determined by the thickness of this film.
  • I must establish, first, the proposition that a living substance can receive a photographic image; if I can make an impression remain upon this film I have gained a little point--a little one.
  • This led to the next View, where we examined the Physical Film itself, and this we analysed in the next two Views into those component parts, by means of which this Film presents to our senses the impression of the whole Physical Universe as an objective reality.
  • He was almost startled when the words were whispered in his ear: "Officer, I want you to help me as soon as this film is over."
  • "I had never seen this film run before, but it shows how Jones called the turn on the old officers in great shape.
  • "Much has been made of the Uranian aspect of this film but personally I couldn't see it....
  • "I am naturally indignant at being drawn into such a thing against my will, but I doubt if anyone who knows us, or whose opinion we value, will ever visit a moving picture theatre or see this film.
  • "Stretching rusty," as already explained, is due to a dry film on the surface of the sheet, and according to a recent investigation, this film consists, not of serum substances, but of a microscopic mould growth, which presumably grows on the serum substances.
  • "Tell 'em that this film costs money and that we didn't come here to take pictures of Loie Fuller stuff."
  • Had Americans been making this film, they would have illustrated another famous episode in our history that antedated, by thirteen years, the voyage of the _Mayflower_--that is, the landing of British colonists in Virginia, in 1607; but in the minds of the English people the name _

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