This Hour In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For This Hour | This Hour Sentence

  • What was she doing at this hour?
  • I divorce her from this hour.
  • But she wanted them to be with her in this hour.
  • Goodbye at any rate for this hour.
  • He had waited for this hour.
  • Just at this hour we went out.
  • Great is the need in this hour.
  • But what does he want here at this hour?
  • At this hour reigning there.
  • Why comes he at this hour?
  • This hour of awakening.
  • But why a call at this hour?
  • What kept him out until this hour?
  • What is it that brings you here at this hour?
  • But why was she coming to the house at this hour?
  • It is good to be alone here at this hour.
  • How could that be possible at this hour?
  • I am ashamed of having called at this hour.
  • At this hour of the day it was deserted.
  • A small memorial of this hour.
  • Come to-morrow at this hour.
  • From this hour she was a different person.
  • She had dreaded the beginning of this hour.
  • Stirs in my deepest soul this hour?
  • Here; and at this hour!
  • We have an appointment with your husband for this hour.
  • How comes the wife here at this hour?
  • But what are you doing here, and at this hour?
  • This is no cheerful spot at this hour.
  • This hour has made us so.
  • At this hour the workroom was empty.
  • What has brought you here at this hour of the day?
  • I bless thee for this hour.
  • These were the triumphs which commenced at this hour.
  • He had no right to leave her in the hotel at this hour.

How To Use This Hour In A Sentence?

  • He sends you invitations by my mouth this hour.
  • Who is shooting pistols at this hour of the night?
  • The parlour was empty at this hour except for himself.
  • I was led here that this hour might come.
  • Great issues hang upon this hour.
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