This Same In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For This Same | This Same Sentence

  • Of this same victory.
  • And it was this same gal.
  • Frank had been considering this same question.
  • We rowed down this same backwater.
  • And yet it had this same defect.
  • And this same tramp was living in there?
  • Other principles have this same axiomatic form.
  • This same result is attested by embryology.
  • Continue this same process for the remaining ribs.
  • This same phenomenon is noted in cheese.
  • I want you to carry this same request.
  • Does this same principle apply to those who labor?
  • Finally this same lady went to church.
  • This same principle applies to children.
  • Was this same golden heart and chain!
  • Why, of this same corn.
  • This same tunic was worn at the wedding.
  • Do you find this same idea in other poets?
  • The book shops are in this same neighborhood.
  • This same spirit was manifested in all his children.
  • This same remedy laymen have as regards their governors.
  • But you cannot understand this same as black folk could.
  • In this same report he calls attention to them in detail.
  • This same bit of glass shall save me!
  • This same mash can be continued until fattening time.
  • This same paper ridicules the whole affair.
  • Then this same self-indulgence did me a good turn.
  • This same remark is made by many other investigators.
  • Maggie had heard much this same talk often before.
  • Yet in this same dark hour there had been a ray of light.
  • This same vowel is heard in the word plaid.
  • She found in this same bird a helper in more ways than one.
  • Many wonderful things happened to this same young man.
  • This same room was used as a dining room and kitchen.
  • But where is this same Lovell?

How To Use This Same In A Sentence?

  • In this same silent, yet most graphic tongue.
  • The new household pet became an occupant of this same room.
  • But this same good wine is dear, and only for the gentry.
  • In this same trial Hon.
  • The name of this same Andrian.
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