This Side In A Sentence

How To Use This Side In A Sentence?

  • Along this side the wall cast a wide shadow.
  • Some of us must go along this side.
  • No one seemed to be about upon this side of the house.
  • Imagine any one on this side refusing fifty bucks!
  • Figure 19 is intended to represent this side of the room.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For This Side | This Side Sentence

  • Git on him from this side.
  • Nothing on this side.
  • Is he back on this side?
  • There are no stars on this side.
  • Here on this side is a hospital.
  • It is a locket on this side.
  • On this side of heaven?
  • On this side the blinds were down.
  • But there was a weakness on this side.
  • On this side the river all was changed.
  • It was very noticeable on this side of the room.
  • On this side too she has had her social triumphs.
  • It is more likely that they belong to this side.
  • Shall we keep to this side of the road?
  • Taanni = on this side.
  • This side of paradise has found.
  • I had the key to this side of his character.
  • Now put some hay on this side.
  • I knifed him this side the border.
  • Nobody has seen it on this side the water.
  • On this side he was a patron and not to be patronized.
  • There is a little town on this side of the village too.
  • I refused to discuss this side of the question.
  • For the shore thou seekest is on this side.
  • This side of the road is open to the fell.
  • Rather let us stay this side of it.
  • The cattle have been sold on this side of the border.
  • We soon hear of him on this side of the ocean.
  • The principal entrance to the palace is on this side.
  • We had it all to ourselves, on this side the river.
  • On this side of the canal she has no place to go.
  • These indulgences can also be paralleled on this side.
  • It was this side of his philosophy which made it popular.
  • We will go down on this side of the island and meet him.
  • This side pocket is lined with velvet.
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