This Statement In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For This Statement | This Statement Sentence

  • Paolo in this statement.
  • This statement is erroneous.
  • Do you corroborate this statement?
  • He had been inexact in this statement.
  • This statement is not correct.
  • This statement is not true.
  • Let me prove this statement.
  • Prove or disprove this statement.
  • We all considered this statement.
  • Is there any truth in this statement?
  • Silence followed this statement.
  • Grogan was impressed by this statement.
  • The inadequacy of this statement.
  • Dorothy in the shock of this statement.
  • This statement is an error.
  • But this statement is itself inadequate.
  • Is this statement satisfactory?
  • She was obviously put out at this statement.
  • But this statement is quite erroneous.
  • She watched the effect of this statement on him.
  • Hal listened to this statement with interest.
  • I have ample proof of this statement.
  • Now this statement itself needs correction.
  • No one will dispute this statement.
  • This statement demands an explanation.
  • Pete briskly corrected this statement.
  • This statement requires elucidation.
  • This statement was received in silence.
  • I regard this statement as inaccurate.
  • This statement is not made at random.
  • This statement is by no means justified.
  • Phillida accepted this statement only too thankfully.
  • This statement caused disappointment.
  • Of course this statement is hyperbolical.
  • I make this statement with deliberation.

How To Use This Statement In A Sentence?

  • Bourne took issue with this statement.
  • Let us test this statement.
  • Does this statement seem harsh?
  • This statement is altogether incorrect.
  • She knitted her brows over this statement.
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