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  • Having done this stuff a few hundred thousand times, you become quite good at it.
  • Flint gave 'em out all this stuff about the railroad bein' a sacred institution.
  • It was this stuff, green and partly wet, which gave out the choking acrid smoke.
  • I expected I should hear a breathless story of his adventures in the search of this stuff.
  • Now I have got to send all this stuff back to the costumer; another messenger to pay!
  • And if we really find this stuff on Fire Mountain, your share will come to a neat fortune.
  • The Prairie Highlands Company sold this stuff to me as virgin prairie sod ready for the plow.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For This Stuff | This Stuff Sentence

  • This stuff was not relaxing.
  • How did you know all this stuff?
  • How did all this stuff come into being?
  • This stuff about dishonor?
  • Passing out this stuff for other folks to sign!
  • But if this stuff can be irrigated it can be sold.
  • You know all this stuff is insured.
  • You see this stuff is a collection.
  • What the blue blazes does all this stuff mean?
  • This stuff cannot be handled without pollution.
  • Your action in printing this stuff is most disloyal.
  • Anyway, all this stuff was above where the slide started.
  • Tomorrow would be time enough to write out this stuff.
  • This stuff was made out of something called superyams.
  • This stuff may be either animal or vegetable.
  • Is this stuff too thin or too thick, or what?
  • What do I care about all this stuff we are learning here?
  • So now I hear all this stuff from Kettleman.
  • He's talked this stuff to you!
  • I ought to have known better than to hew at this stuff with it.
  • Clotilde, you're too punctual with this stuff.
  • Why not cultivate a lot of this stuff right in this tract of land.
  • I tell you it's a crime to spoil a thirst with this stuff.
  • However, actually reviewing the majority of this stuff is impossible.
  • An average man would even vomit at the mere sight of this stuff.
  • As long as one has this stuff, one doesn't want friends.
  • All this stuff we cleared from the Susquannas a few hours ago.
  • Here, boys, scatter this stuff where it will catch good, and touch her off.
  • Lloyd, I can't drink this stuff any more.
  • Man gwine say, Miss Sue, where in the devil did you get this stuff?
  • WAR Take all this stuff away; I am going in to make a pestle for myself.
  • But this stuff beneath--faugh!
  • But there is no force about this--stuff; no life.
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