This That In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For This That | This That Sentence

  • And so is this that is with me.
  • Could it be to this that he was referring?
  • It was this that brought him out here.
  • And what was this that followed?
  • Could it be this that was required of him?
  • Perhaps it was this that set him against them.
  • It is for this that it has been elected.
  • It was this that saved me.
  • And it is this that matters.
  • What is all this that you are inventing?
  • It was this that gave him joy.
  • What is this that plucks at his sleeve?
  • There was a mystery about all this that baffled me.
  • It was this that had made the cloud.
  • Was it not this that he had been needing all along?
  • It was through this that the laying was performed.
  • It seemed from this that he would not.
  • And it was to this that she must send him.
  • Yet it is of this that we must all be puppets.
  • It is this that all history vindicates.
  • It was this that saved the day.
  • It was this that mystified him and worried him.
  • What is this that is called love?
  • What danger was this that he had overlooked?
  • And it is for this that thou insultest me.
  • It was by this that they were almost all held.
  • Consider the proof of this that you have in literature.
  • What is this that greets her ear?
  • And it was this that shocked us.
  • It was this that made the people murmur.
  • It was this that made the townsfolk look down.
  • It was this that led him to look after his brother.
  • It is to this that the following letters refer.
  • There appeared a note in this that convinced her.
  • It is this that we want among our students.

How To Use This That In A Sentence?

  • Phil judged from this that some memory was awakening.
  • It was this that converted me to marine engineering.
  • It was just this that made him a little tiring.
  • Add to this that the night was unusually dark.
  • But it is precisely in this that these men are great.
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