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  • A great length of thong is required to lash them.
  • The black thong shot out like lightning.
  • Alrek stat thong fori sinera ajne fam and nilde navt fyra.
  • He rolled up the document and tied it with a thong of deerskin.
  • A crupper under his tail, or a thong as a breeching may be used.
  • The thong lashed his wounds, and he fell back into the mud with a yell.
  • Miss Pilgrim was readjusting the thong that had bound the rugs together.
  • The thong is the familiar "tawse" of schools north of the Border.
  • Tie the thong round your leg--so.

How To Use Thong In A Sentence?

  • The lashing was the same string or thong we had before used for the duck-traps.
  • It had been tied by its deerskin thong to his belt, just as was his own empty wallet.
  • Jack clenched his teeth to stifle a cry as the edges of the thong cut through his thin clothes.
  • The front rim of her broad felt hat was fastened upward with a thong and exposed her face.
  • The bird tried to dislodge him by rubbing his feet together, but the thong held firm.
  • He was quite naked except for a tanned hide, which was tied with a thong around his middle.
  • His rifle is an Enfield, and the bayonet-sheath is fastened to the belt by a thong of leather.
  • These carcasses he tied together with a deerskin thong as before, and trailed them in the wake of his snowshoes.
  • She was near to tears when he stooped and knelt in the snow to tighten a thong slipping from one webbed foot.
  • In his hand he had a whip, the thong of which was made of the skin of an eel, and the handle of bone.
  • Lycon poised his light javelin thrice, and thrice the slim dart sped through the leathern thong on his fingers.
  • The knife fortunately merely scratched the fleshy part of his left arm, but in doing so severed the thong that bound them.
  • He slowly loosened the leather thong about his neck and opened a small doeskin bag that hung by a leather thong about his neck.
  • But at such times one of the natives always led the two front oxen through the river with a long thong that was fastened to their horns.
  • Their hair was long, black and straight and around their foreheads was tied a thong of buckskin to keep it from falling over their faces.
  • He raised a bruised arm to wipe his eyes, but a rough hand caught it and drew a thong tightly about his wrists.
  • From the slipping of a snow-shoe thong to the forefront of sudden death, she could gauge occasion by the pitch and volume of his blasphemy.
  • Under the lace that fell over his wrist was a red cirque, the mark of the thong with which I had bound him.
  • The toboggan was of the usual pattern and shape, but the cushions had been removed, and a thirty-foot moose-hide thong attached for hauling.
  • To accomplish the first of these objects, he began to gnaw, very softly, at the raw-hide thong by which his wrists were secured.
  • Let an incision be made in two places upon each flap of the saddle; let a thong pass under the saddle-flap, and tie it yourself over your knee.
  • He will effect this best by dispensing with the "bow," and by simply using a string or thong of a yard or four feet long.
  • She first took four poles, laid them together on the ground, and then tied them firmly with a thong about 3 feet from one end.
  • The halter is made of strands of buffalo-hair platted together; or is merely a thong of raw hide, made pliant by pounding and rubbing.
  • He was too near for the long lash to have the full effect intended; but Jack felt the sting as the flexible thong curled round him.
  • One night, he dreamed that he had just put an entirely new thong to his old whip, but that, notwithstanding, it obstinately refused to crack.
  • But when she approached the Cows with a thong (in order to tie their fore-legs), they all refused to be milked by her.
  • At length the task was concluded, the hateful thong was bitten in two, and Glen's hands were free.
  • When the last knot in the leather thong was twitched close and the bountiful meal-bag was closed, old Jed abandoned hope and wheedling.
  • The screw held it in a firm grip, adding a thong to a battering-ram, making a terrible whirlwind around the cannon, an iron lash in a brazen hand.
  • The two ends of both, d1 and d2, are thickened and pierced, so as to admit of tying a thong across their mouths, as shown on one side of d2.

Definition of Thong

A strip of leather. | (usually in the plural, Australia, US) An item of footwear, usually of rubber, secured by two straps which join to pass between the big toe and its neighbour. | (Britain, US, New Zealand) An undergarment or swimwear consisting of very narrow strips designed to cover just the genitals and nothing more.

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