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  • It is black under those big trees.
  • We cannot tell about those big fires.
  • I cannot tell why they made those big fires.
  • Look at those big sleeves and the odd skirt.
  • Your school and those big boys are enough of a worry.
  • Those big ones can bite like fun.
  • Some of those big shanties house whole families.
  • Those big-eating people came so early and stayed so late.
  • She's wearing those big drops of hers, isn't she?
  • At least tomorrow I will have the best of those big boys.
  • And Keith knew how those big, dark eyes could flash.
  • Those big nuts won't fill.
  • Remember those big wire baskets, down at the mass-energy converters?
  • To hurl down upon them some of those big stones, half loosened by time!
  • Next time you see any of those big bats, Doctor, just you notice close.
  • No, he remind me of those big fair men with the axes I read of in England.
  • Wears those big round goggles--you know!
  • I can baby him all kinds of ways when he's looking at me with those big eyes.
  • It takes so long for those big shebangs to get into action, don't you think?

How To Use Those Big In A Sentence?

  • It was as if he actually caressed her with those big-jointed and not over-clean hands.
  • Those big beech woods are rather a puzzle to anybody who is not familiar with the country.
  • What has provoked the ire of those big bully waves so that they advance to demolish us?
  • With finger touching the trigger he glanced over the sights and looked into those big, bold eyes.
  • They had to be to ferry those big cargoes back and forth from the rock belt to Frisco.
  • Then I sat down in the rest room of one of those big department stores, and thought it all out.
  • Look around you, at those big, lying letters, those gaudy posters: that is human wretchedness.
  • Well, child, he's been smoking one of those big cigars again, and he's absent-like.
  • But Myra clung to those big hands, laughing, and weeping, and striving to speak.
  • Those big eyes, How could they miss me, peering as she was For some familiar face?
  • I believe the Shawnees who were ahead of Spotted Deer made those big fires to light the river.
  • Besides those big cartridges must be costly, I thought, and said so to Mr. Dunlap.
  • But over them the enterprising young man had raised one of those big old sunshades that had lettering on them.
  • Ere long the hall was piled with heaps of personal property, ready to be transferred to those big receptacles.
  • Mary will lose her school on my account; she can't keep those big boys quiet now.
  • When one of those big packets goes past it draws the water off, and then lets it come back with a rush.
  • I was thinking of why those big houses were built, rows upon rows of them, and of the people who lived in them.
  • While searching for it, one of those big serpents which swallow goats and calves caught him, and coiled itself around him.
  • On some of those big trains you go so fast you can't see a thing, and this is really worth seeing.
  • She found herself longing to reach out and take hold of one of those big, strong hands, and clasp it tightly and protectingly in her own.
  • I could no more have hurt her as she sat looking at me with those big soft eyes of hers than I could have murdered a baby.
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