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  • But it is only from those few stars over there.
  • Blot out those few days.
  • What had happened during those few days?
  • I watched him keenly for those few seconds.
  • Even those few minutes of it had worked the change.
  • Even in those few minutes the danger had increased.
  • But what those few weeks would have meant!
  • He wanted those few minutes desperately.
  • Yet no man ever valued those few more than!
  • I remember those few seconds very distinctly.
  • In those few days what is lacking can be supplied.
  • But those few minutes were minutes of suspense.
  • Those few months comprised his contribution to the cause.
  • But those few words conveyed an enormous lot to me.
  • Those few months had worn her radiant beauty.
  • Besides, she was sick for those few months.
  • His generous nature spoke in those few words.
  • Nobody knows who it is, but those few in the secret.
  • They cut her hard, those few words of his.
  • How much of anguish and doom lies in those few words!
  • In those few words how much tragedy lies hidden!
  • Those few volumes go far to furnish your home.
  • Well, in those few words, everything was contained.
  • Marvellous was the effect of those few words on Sadie.
  • He had refused to believe it in those few days in Paris.
  • He had not gone those few steps alone with Maria.
  • Almost the whole Bible lies back of those few words.
  • And every one of those few is French and lives in Paris.
  • It was the greatest favor his getting off just for those few hours.
  • Only those few survive who fit most perfectly to their environment.
  • Drive those few in and the rest will follow after like sheep!
  • An inspiration flashed in upon him during those few seconds.
  • Into those few words was thrown all the suffering of his silent years.
  • Those few minutes marked to him an era in his official life.
  • In those few moments that strange feeling had grown marvellously stronger.
  • Those few words went straight down into the heart of everyone present.

How To Use Those Few In A Sentence?

  • At least so her condition was described to those few who were not privileged to be present.
  • He saw very clearly in those few minutes where the mistake of his life had been.
  • All was love and evil only had control of those few who did not accept the new ways.
  • More than ever in those few moments she realised the spiritual qualities of his face.

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