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  • It rained very heavily all those days.
  • Merry little souls those women mostly were.
  • Nay, in so acting, he proceeds in perfect conformity with those laws.
  • The gate was opened by those of the porters whom I knew years ago.
  • The views of those who, in later times, have symbolized with Augustine.
  • The views of those who, in later times, have symbolized with Augustine.

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  • What a blessedness for those who can endure injuries to know this charming doctrine!
  • We have examined those arguments in detail, and exhibited the principles on which they proceed.
  • It has no limits, except those which circumscribe and bound the objects of infinite justice.
  • He knew nothing about snow in those days, and must have been very much astonished.
  • We need not again recount those dark dreams and inventions in the past history of Calvinism.
  • For it may still be asked, why God uses means to save those who he foresees will be lost?
  • But if he had a disposition to love most those things that were inferior and less worthy, then his dispositions were vicious.
  • Hence he was compelled to reject those weak evasions of the difficulty of reconciling them, and to grapple directly with the difficulty itself.
  • A few good shells in those monasteries would have set the monks buzzing in consternation like swarming bees disturbed.
  • No one, except those who place themselves beyond the possibility of salvation by their own evil deeds, is ever lost.
  • I call it a town, for it certainly possessed one street and a bazaar, and swarmed with natives other than those belonging to the force.
  • All this may be very well, no doubt, for him by whom it was uttered, and for those who may have received it as an everlasting oracle of truth.
  • For the sake of those who went through this trial and were not found wanting, Tibetan warfare should not be despised.
  • My share in those fights was mainly that of an interested spectator, and in this capacity I give my opinion of it.
  • We would vindicate the sufferings of Christ no more than those of infants, on the ground that sin was imputed to him, so as to render them just.
  • He lacked those views of truth, and those feelings of reverence and love to God, without which true obedience is impossible.
  • In those days, to the casual traveller through Tibet, old women would have appeared to form the bulk of the population.
  • But then I woke, and by doing so felt done out of that aspic of larks, which would have been a pleasant change from the fare of those days.
  • After the unpleasantnesses of those heights that one had traversed, this valley seemed a sheer Garden of Eden.
  • Both of these principles are conceded by those who will be among the foremost, in all probability, to deny the conclusion which necessarily flows from them.
  • It is certain that the problem in question would then have been as far beyond the reach of his powers, as beyond those of the most ordinary individual.
  • Distance-judging by eye for military purposes in high altitudes is an art governed by rules entirely different from those that govern it at an ordinary elevation.
  • Many were the fish that were caught in Lake Palti, as we skirted its banks, and that embellished those dinners that were now getting so plain.
  • The views of Luther and Calvin respecting the sincerity of God in his endeavours to save those who will finally perish.
  • The views of Luther and Calvin respecting the sincerity of God in his endeavours to save those who will finally perish.
  • Then there was a man with a butterfly-net, who pickled the flies that got into his eye, and chased those that did not with his butterfly-net and pickled them also.
  • It is a fine sporting country for those who are on pleasure bent and are mounted on elephants, on which alone is it possible to penetrate the thick breast-high undergrowth.
  • Thus, in the vocabulary and according to the psychology of this great author, the phenomena of the sensibility and those of the will are identified, as well as the faculties themselves.
  • This solution, as we have seen, labours under the same defect with those of its predecessors, in that it rejects the truth that a necessary holiness is a contradiction in terms.
  • The advocates of necessity, at least those of them who do not admit the inference in question, invoke the aid of logic to extinguish the light of the principle on which it is based.
  • There was that boyish jubilation on the part of those who were off to the front, and vulgar schoolboy language from those who were to be detained at the base or in Sikkim.
  • And if there were no certain or fixed connexion between his external actions and their consequences, either as they affected himself or others, he certainly would not be responsible for those consequences.
  • We shall, therefore, respectfully submit the determination of this point to the calm and impartial judgment of those who may possess both the desire and the capacity to think for themselves.
  • Hence, it becomes indispensable, in order to vindicate the divine benevolence, to show that eternal sufferings are deserved by those upon whom they fall.

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