Those That In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Those That | Those That Sentence

  • Nor those that deviate.
  • Lost to those that loved him?
  • Precious things are for those that can prize them.
  • Choose those that you think tell the most.
  • Name those that grow on bushes.
  • With those that shall come after.
  • Is this one of those that you object to?
  • Especially do they endanger those that bathe.
  • For those we remember with those that we greet.
  • Those that ask shall have.
  • Those that destroy most rapidly.
  • Now our homes are as those that have no roofs.
  • To comfort those that mourn!
  • So those that knew him said.
  • Speak thou to those that hear.
  • Those that remained were very disorderly.
  • There be those that wait for me in the cellar.
  • Yet there was sorrow for those that did not return.
  • I mean for those that knew her.
  • Those that build up very slowly.
  • Those that for their country fall!
  • To those that feel and love.
  • The only humbugs are not those that work on our fears.
  • Those that are alive have to think about living.
  • To shun those that are evil natured.
  • To those that tried to separate these two?
  • Than she the hearts of those that near her stood.
  • Of those that breathe by means of lungs?
  • It is always so with those that talk too much.
  • Let them be greater towards those that are weak!
  • How about those that render to him heart-service?
  • I am one of those that respect an oath.
  • Not to give place to those that disobey.
  • Philosophers are not those that speak but do great things.
  • That throve so well as those that settled be.

How To Use Those That In A Sentence?

  • Of those that are left we saw one.
  • But the readers who were lost were not those that matter.
  • And much more those that help other people!
  • With those that talk of grace or godlinesse.
  • Buy those that are fat and yellow in color.
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