Thoughtfulness In A Sentence

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  • His thoughtfulness took me aback.
  • It passed and thoughtfulness supplanted it.
  • Their thoughtfulness and courtesy charmed me.
  • His innate thoughtfulness would not permit.
  • It represents much thoughtfulness and work.
  • Tom had shown his thoughtfulness in every line.
  • I, too, am obliged by your thoughtfulness of them.
  • It was through his thoughtfulness that the barrels were saved.
  • Jesse said that in startled thoughtfulness as if just remembering.
  • Such thoughtfulness keeps our sentiment in evidence to both parties.
  • There was a deep thoughtfulness in his look, as if he were watching me.
  • In arranging the presents a nice thoughtfulness and tact are necessary.
  • There is a wonderful degree of thoughtfulness among a company of girls.
  • I thought it showed a charming, kindly thoughtfulness of others.
  • Through the thoughtfulness of our new societies--St.

How To Use Thoughtfulness In A Sentence?

  • It was for him to convince her of his thoughtfulness and his ability to provide for her.
  • Unlike the rest, there is an air of thoughtfulness about her and a touch of mystery.
  • His kindness and thoughtfulness for his household were universal; they included me.
  • And they resumed together their life of punctilious thoughtfulness and good manners.
  • But she is greatly touched by our thoughtfulness and feels a little better this morning.
  • That thoughtfulness reduces the amount of work to be done and saves time and money.
  • It was quiet and undisturbed, but he suspected a thoughtfulness that she meant to hide.
  • She showed her thoughtfulness by placing sandwiches and a flask of wine in the tool box.
  • Life went on, spent in the open for the most part, and in silent thoughtfulness by choice.
  • In such affairs, for those who speak and hear Wise thoughtfulness is still the best ally.
  • Whenever Christ comes into the heart there comes with Him love and thoughtfulness of others.
  • We thank you for your thoughtfulness in keeping us from falling into the hands of the revolutionists.
  • Never had she wronged any one; she had been kindness and thoughtfulness to all with whom she had come in contact.
  • Ever since his boyhood he was noted for his love of giving pleasure and for his thoughtfulness regarding those he loved.
  • He was touched at the sweet, familiar look of it all and at the thoughtfulness of himself of which he saw signs everywhere.
  • He had seated himself at the writing-table, and was fingering a pen with thoughtfulness or perhaps hesitation.
  • And with that he kissed the little housekeeper, and she felt herself abundantly repaid for her work and for the thoughtfulness she had shown.
  • The paternal thoughtfulness of the home government employed itself in relieving the colonist from such exhausting drafts upon his energies.
  • But always the dominating note of humorous thoughtfulness would return, as if this were her chief characteristic.
  • But the executive feel sure that the same kind thoughtfulness that has put them beyond anxiety in the past will not be wanting in the future.
  • Much of the verse is musical, and there is throughout a vein of thoughtfulness which never degenerates into a morbid brooding.
  • Her face was lit up with joy, as expressive and animated as the tedium and thoughtfulness which marked it had been profound.
  • If there is anything at all of thoughtfulness and consideration in a man, marriage brings it out: he begins to plan.
  • His thoughtfulness was continually sending pleasant little gifts and souvenirs to his Warsaw friends.
  • There was thoughtfulness but no shadow in the fine hazel eyes; no cloud on the brow; and the smile when it came was frank and affectionate.

Definition of Thoughtfulness

thoughtful and considerate attention | careful deliberation before action
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