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  • The stranger was threading his way between the tables.
  • Like an old woman threading a needle!
  • Mrs. Lawrence was threading a needle.
  • In threading the forest none of the scouts could travel so fast as he.
  • A little later the band was threading its stealthy way down the black streets.
  • She came at last, threading her way gayly through the crowd of bathers.
  • One does not recognise one's own voice threading out into the stirring brown.

How To Use Threading In A Sentence?

  • In the hush that succeeded a footstep was distinctly heard threading the aisle.
  • At this moment we forgot the toil of threading harassing woods and crossing wide heaths.
  • The beads worth threading seem about all threaded now, and the book appears to be done.
  • Among these was one that the bird rarely could be made to perform, the threading of beads.
  • He reserved for himself the one who had been threading pearls, not forgetting the golden hen and the chickens.
  • We did not make any noise threading that wet thicket, and we ascended the opposite slope very cautiously.
  • The one who first succeeds in threading a needle as he sits on a round bottle on the floor, will be first married.
  • Presently among the fields an object was seen moving, threading the broad path that led to the castle gate.
  • We marched down the lake in three files, threading our way among the islands and skirting the steep cliffs.
  • For a long time he climbed steadily, threading his way through the underbrush, skirting fallen trees.
  • At threading the forest he was second to none in skill; but at untangling mental puzzles, he had small ability.
  • They were near home now, threading a narrow keeper's path, through the thick covert.
  • It was safe to conclude that she was threading her way through the intricate minefield that guarded the southern outlet of the Bosphorus.
  • When we were buckled into a spiral of seats threading the cylinder, Cragley pulled the release lever.
  • Creamy cups of marshmallows, lifted above the succulent green of fringing leaves, hid the threading lines of gliding water.
  • Miss Enid's white-clad figure was seen threading its way through the loungers on the parade.
  • He watched him walk off with a well-dressed, weak-looking youth, threading a careless course among his classmates.
  • Roland, threading the hurrying crowds homeward-bound from the numerous places of entertainment, felt small inclination to follow their example.
  • The windmill on the hill above Cromer, near by, is useful as a landmark when threading the many winding lanes in the neighbourhood.
  • They were in the wilderness now, threading it by a path that made a sudden descent to the Black Lake.
  • As he was threading his way, he heard the howl of a dog, and on looking round, perceived that Holdfast was not with him.
  • He had made the rounds of the little room twice, threading his way abstractedly through the crowd, before he came upon Diana.
  • They had come out on the towing path close by the lock and they found themselves threading their way through a little crowd of boating people and lookers-on.
  • Her image was before his mind's eye every moment while he was threading his way back to his chambers in Thavies' Inn.
  • I saw several threading their way through the crowded streets of Ahmedabad, apparently bent, like sisters of mercy, on charitable errands.
  • After a considerable time lost in stopping and threading their way among the other hundreds of cars, they reached the Harvard Stadium at last.
  • Coming on meant threading our way through a knot of young roughs, who evidently considered our appearance in the court an intrusion and were disposed to resent it.
  • By threading a buck skin thong in and out through some of the cartridge loops, their size is sufficiently reduced to hold also the 30-40 rifle cartridges.
  • The agent agreed, and we watched the waiter threading his way among the tables towards that one at which the new and grateful star was seated and hand the card to her.
  • But it is when threading the normal procession therein that distrust wanes, in view of so much that is hopeful in enterprise and education, and auspicious in social intelligence and sympathy.
  • Before him lies the Silent Highway, with its steam-boats, barges, and tiny skiffs threading their way in and out amongst the heavier craft.
  • The path to it is a very secluded one, threading a wood of pines, and just wide enough to admit the loads of meadow hay which are drawn from the splashy shore of the river.
  • Half an hour later I was threading my way down the narrow High Street, guided by the tall masts of the shipping in the harbour.

Definition of Threading

present participle of thread | The act or process by which something is threaded (in various senses). | An ancient Eastern method for removing hair by means of a thread, which is rolled over the hair in order to pluck it out at the follicle level.
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