Threaten In A Sentence

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  • I do not threaten you.
  • He began to threaten me.
  • They threaten my kingdom!
  • They threaten him with death.
  • Don't threaten again.
  • Run up an' threaten him.
  • They make a jest of it, and their husbands jokingly threaten them with it.
  • She could not comprehend the nature of a man who could so coldly threaten her.
  • If I complain they threaten not to let me have another drop.
  • The echoes of the shots fired in Sarajewo threaten to set the world in flames.
  • Perhaps I was wrong to lose my temper and threaten him, but I am half mad.
  • Shall the danger of Czarism continue to threaten West European culture?

How To Use Threaten In A Sentence?

  • Never threaten children with punishments you may not be able or feel inclined to carry out.
  • There might come a time when some power arose strong enough to threaten to take you from me.
  • Let there be no fighting, no pursuit, no martial exercise, whatever the foe may threaten or do.
  • Isaac had been guilty of acts of violence and had begun to threaten Joseph Brant himself.
  • Evidently I was losing my reason completely if I could threaten to kill a helpless woman.
  • They threaten to render the country unfit for human habitation, except by the Deaf and Blind.
  • We do already threaten the privacy of the post because of betting tout's letters.
  • They were pent and imprisoned spirits, hating the walls that seemed to threaten to close in on them and crush them.
  • He finds that confusions and disorders have rather increased than diminished, and that they now threaten to proceed to dangerous extremities.
  • These limitations of the formidable doctrine of race suggest others which threaten to undermine it, as not sufficiently based.
  • They threaten the last small hope for averting millions of deaths in the next set of faith-justified oil wars.
  • A man could not threaten a woman, could not use violence in an attempt to make her speak and reveal secrets.
  • Amazing grace! to threaten eternal death to all mankind, on a condition which he certainly foreknew would be fulfilled!
  • Such appetites as you boys are developing threaten to eat us out of house and home soon, unless we eke out with game.
  • There is a conjunction of malign planets at this time; they threaten your happiness through love, through hate, through accident.
  • I sometimes posed him a little, but then he had one argument that always settled the question; he would threaten to knock me down.
  • On the slightest excuse he would threaten to brain one of his children, to disembowel another, to gouge out the eyes of the third.
  • She burst into violent sobs, which by degrees increased into a sort of asthmatic fit, seeming to threaten immediate dissolution.
  • Why should the Creator of all things threaten to kill a priest who approached his altar without having washed his hands and feet?
  • Will you say, the disasters which threaten mankind are exceptional, and one need not lay his account for cataclysms every day?
  • As often as our conventions give us the opportunity, we crush them out of being; they are noxious; they threaten the frame of society.
  • We all know that, and so few dare even to whisper it for fear that they should seem, in seeking to save the family, to threaten its existence.
  • Her husband, not a bad fellow in his way, had long since returned to her, and as yet had not done more than threaten a repetition of his assault.
  • But Marcel and I had to draw our swords and threaten violence before they would take the canteens away from their lips.
  • Their scheme was, if they could induce him to take her with him to Scotland, to threaten to prove a Scotch marriage.
  • When, however, he heard Asa threaten to fire, he looked puzzled, and as if he thought it just possible we might do as we said.
  • It has not generally been observed that before the great battle General Meade was in a position seriously to threaten the Confederate rear.
  • For the former threaten the peace and welfare of the home life of the people, on whose contentment they rely for the defense of their claims in all their political intricacies.

Definition of Threaten

To make a threat against someone; to use threats. | To menace, or be dangerous. | To portend, or give a warning of.
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