Threateningly In A Sentence

How To Use Threateningly In A Sentence?

  • At the station he asked you threateningly whether you had given up your ticket.
  • He moved threateningly toward her; but a snarl from the furious cat stayed him.
  • The surprised professor bit his lips and shook his head threateningly as he watched him depart.
  • Saying this, he clutched his jemmy, and advanced threateningly towards his lordship.
  • He talked threateningly of the British ambassador, and made all kinds of threats.
  • The King would permit no word against him, and would frown threateningly if any were ventured.
  • From the tenement, as they did, came Luigi and asked threateningly who insulted his wife.
  • The scout straightened and raised a piercing yell that reverberated threateningly through the swamp.
  • Not until the command had been repeated threateningly did the lad rise and begin to buckle on his things.
  • I put one hand on that attendant's collar and shook the other threateningly in his face.
  • And he threateningly threw a coil of stout rope off a belaying-pin by way of hastening the movements of the two men.
  • For a moment he seemed to tower almost threateningly over the lesser man, then carelessly he suffered his limbs to relax.
  • As if by its own volition, the hook rose threateningly to within a short distance of the fair, appealing face.
  • His face was stern and sullen, and his eyes flashed threateningly into the steady, unflinching eyes of his captive.
  • Her hot blood showed in her vindictive, fierce way, as she stood threateningly over the kneeling girl.
  • On his left, and directly in front of him, was a precipitous mountain, the top of which hung threateningly over the gorge below.
  • The big dog was barking vociferously, while the goat stamped his hoofs and shook his horns threateningly at the head of the flight of stairs.
  • When they had sullenly taken seats, with guns threateningly at the ready, they glared at me like tigers ready to spring.
  • They watched him as the boat was seen to rise at times on the crest of a huge wave, and saw that he shook at them threateningly his disarmed hand.
  • But toward noon, as the boats rounded a curve, a reef presented itself with the water of the river boiling threateningly on either side.
  • The third member of the party, a thick-set man with a face pitted by scars, motioned threateningly in the direction of the dory.
  • Near the top of the cliff grew a scathed cedar, clinging with its hardy roots into a cleft in its face, and leaning threateningly over the flood.
  • The valley narrowed to a rocky ravine as we went on, and the mountain, with its dark spruces, seemed to tower threateningly over us.
  • The wind, heated once more to furnace pitch, moaned threateningly along the hillside, but here all was cool, grateful and quiet.
  • With a dry, clattering, immediate rattle, without distance or dignity, the thunder broke threateningly over the house.
  • Clouds, dark purple and dark crimson, reared themselves in the west to dizzy heights, and hung threateningly over the darkening land beneath.
  • The women uttered cries of terror and the men looked threateningly at Talizac, who was trembling and trying hard to appear indifferent.
  • The heavy chords of a piano accompaniment rolled threateningly through the music rooms up-stairs, and Gay shrugged her shoulders impatiently.
  • But he questioned me so threateningly that I became disconcerted, for I felt that he was passing judgment upon me.
  • The fierce, copper-hued, shaggy faces, the gleaming eyes reflected in the firelight, were bent still more threateningly upon the speaker.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Threateningly | Threateningly Sentence

  • An arrow hummed threateningly above his head.
  • He began to grumble threateningly at Spotted Deer.
  • He advanced threateningly toward General Gates as he spoke.
  • One of the creatures shook a heavy piece of metal threateningly over his head.
  • He advanced threateningly with his left hand clenched, but then drew back.
  • The Countess looked at her daughter threateningly but she was silent.
  • Dancing Owl stared threateningly into the eyes of his friend.
  • Feeling secure in his position, he shook Nobbles threateningly at him.
  • The Major sprang to his feet, to look threateningly at the Doctor.
  • One of them laid his hand threateningly on President Mole's arm.

Definition of Threateningly

In a threatening manner.
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