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  • There were rumours of war and threats of war.
  • With dire threats they beat a retreat.
  • Mere threats had little effect in intimidating the editor.
  • Her mother found that threats were as vain as coaxing.
  • She took his arm, as if her threats had been caresses.
  • Do you believe God makes such threats as this?
  • Everything of this kind is to be reduced at last to threats of power.
  • He made threats of what he would do if she refused to obey him.
  • But now that the time had come for him to make his threats good, he hesitated.
  • Artifice, persuasion and threats were used, and at length he prevailed.
  • Finally, after a couple of threats to clear the court, order was restored.
  • Dick Sinclair's threats were still ringing in his ears.
  • Gunnlaug answers: "Thy threats grieve me nought.
  • He followed me, uttering threats and imprecations, which I did not heed.
  • The threats were uttered in London quite as plainly as they were in Berlin.

How To Use Threats In A Sentence?

  • Everybody who goes near the jail comes away with reports of his threats against me.
  • His indefinite threats had struck him more deeply than any direct charge could have done.
  • Sitting there in drunken lassitude, he breathed nothing but threats of future vengeance.
  • Atkins and his companion, finding that threats were unavailing, began to bestir themselves.
  • To hold out threats that pensions would not be paid unless certain dirty work was done.
  • To their threats of torture the woman was deaf as the mainmast, and still the Etruscan screamed.
  • But though he speaks loud and demands to be heard For threats as for praises, he says not a word.
  • Yet for all their threats Hicks obstinately refused to admit that he had ever seen Lyn Rowan.
  • The Moderates hesitated, but were overawed by popular clamour and the threats of the Tilak Press.
  • In the beginning he had tried threats and public jeers at his enemy's infirmity.
  • At present, the advantage which they derive from the daily threats against her life is her only security for preserving it.
  • Blows were necessary to prevent the crowding aboard of that mob of people whom neither shouts nor threats could stop.
  • He talked very ugly in my office yesterday, and made various threats about making me regret any interference.
  • About ten o'clock the children are driven indoors with threats and blows, and put to bed.
  • No amount of questions, threats or persuasion would induce the woman to answer further than that she gave not the harp to the maiden.
  • The threats of injury to the child he had set down as efforts to reduce Suzanne to a paralyzed silence.
  • The night was dark, the clouds making threats of rain, and we felt it was a good time to be indoors.
  • Nothing more is known: the letter contains threats in the event of the charge being true; and there history drops the matter.
  • Every day she received anonymous letters, full of the grossest abuse; atrocious verses, threats of poison and assassination.
  • All through the morning, the haze had been thickening, and now black clouds, big with threats of rain, were climbing up the sky.
  • The Frenchman, however, with many awful threats had warned her not to let the others know what she had done for him.
  • He closed his eyes to the decomposition of the army, talked sounding phrases, and uttered verbal threats against German imperialism.
  • Oh! degraded, wretched young man, if nothing holy, nothing divine moves you, see if earthly threats will avail.
  • In the worst period Lord Derby received threats that if he did not reduce his rents, his agent would be murdered.
  • The villagers of Little Trent shunned it after nightfall; youngsters were frightened into obedience by threats to bring the moat ghosts after them.

Definition of Threats

plural of threat
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