Three Children In A Sentence

How To Use Three Children In A Sentence?

  • She taught three children English and music.
  • A woman, the mother of three children, became insane.
  • Elswitha and Eadburga came next with the three children.
  • He had three children, of whom I was the eldest.
  • The Rambles of Three Children.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Three Children | Three Children Sentence

  • Three children living.
  • Is it because of these three children?
  • They had three children.
  • My mother had three children.
  • Many had two or three children.
  • Three children sliding on the ice.
  • He was a widower with three children.
  • Fourie was a widower with three children.
  • She married and had three children.
  • With the women were three children.
  • They had been married and they had three children.
  • A widower with three children!
  • A widower with three children?
  • My daughter has got three children.
  • He was married and he left three children.
  • There is a dying woman and three children here.
  • There our first three children were born.
  • But what are these among three children and a wife?
  • All three children burst out laughing.
  • And he called his wife and three children to look.
  • The three children looked at the house and hesitated.
  • The house was tenanted by a woman and three children.
  • We sat down and wept like three children.
  • All three children looked very much puzzled.
  • This night it is occupied by a mother and three children.
  • They had eaten a young woman and three children.
  • Three children got upon yonder gravestone.
  • I saw three children throwing sticks at a cow.
  • My mother had three children of her own, at dat time.
  • She had three children, two boys and a girl.
  • There were three children inside, and a bed on the floor.
  • She has, you know, three children.
  • He has a wife and three children in Ireland.
  • In the morning, she said, we should see her three children.
  • She has three children younger than my Peni.
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