Three Weeks In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Three Weeks | Three Weeks Sentence

  • My schools are now only three weeks off.
  • About three weeks ago?
  • We stayed for three weeks.
  • School will begin in about three weeks.
  • King has been over here for the last three weeks.
  • For three weeks there had been no rain.
  • In less than three weeks it was all over.
  • Emily is to be married in three weeks.
  • You will be home in three weeks.
  • This consumed three weeks.
  • Then for three weeks not a line.
  • Three weeks of perfect honesty with yourself.
  • He had stayed just three weeks.
  • Three weeks ago she wrote to me.
  • They had to stay there three weeks.
  • Three weeks passed away.
  • He is to stay three weeks.
  • All these will be ready in about three weeks.
  • Just three weeks ago.
  • A widow only three weeks.
  • Perhaps in two or three weeks.
  • There are just three weeks left.
  • Three weeks we lay waiting.
  • Three weeks they had known each other when they married.
  • Three weeks passed without change.
  • There was a scene between them about three weeks ago.
  • Three weeks ago we had a clear majority.
  • Our preparations had taken three weeks.
  • He escaped three weeks ago.
  • In about three weeks all song ceased.
  • They certainly earned it during those three weeks.
  • I should have died of the blues in three weeks.
  • The newest of them was three weeks old.
  • All these preparations occupied about three weeks.
  • He accepted and stopped about three weeks.

How To Use Three Weeks In A Sentence?

  • Three weeks passed and still no answer.
  • Is it possible that was only three weeks ago now?
  • In this way three weeks went by.
  • He was gone nearly three weeks.
  • Three weeks went by in the same debilitating peace.

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