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  • I bent myself to the threes and fours again.
  • By twos and threes they slipped out.
  • Then by twos and threes they began to desert.
  • The women arrived in twos and threes to draw water.
  • They were then bound in threes to stakes and prepared themselves for death.
  • They came by twos and threes and dozens, until the field was full of them.
  • By twos and threes they slouched away, trying to look unconcerned.
  • Clearly, it was 5022, unless they had mistaken threes for twos.
  • By twos and threes the guests began to arrive, and went up stairs.
  • They've been dropping across in twos and threes since ten o'clock.
  • Groups of Dervishes in twos and threes were then within 100 yards.
  • In twos and threes the players stamped up the stairs, laughing, jostling.
  • They tramped off in threes and twos, making a bad, mean, humiliated exit.

How To Use Threes In A Sentence?

  • They were thumping him by twos and threes and tens till his eyes turned round and round.
  • Soon dinner was over, and the guests began to stray by twos and threes to the ballroom.
  • The heroes fell from their seats first by ones, but ere the last in threes and fours.
  • They loitered in twos and threes about the wide street, which was drab with patches of dirty snow.
  • However I studied its threes and fours steadily for some time; then my attention flagged.
  • Our lads who were wounded came down the road in batches of twos and threes to the dressing stations.
  • While he was writing he heard the people coming in twos and threes along the road back to their houses for the night.
  • The hovels are dotted in groups of threes and fours in every corner where one would not expect to find them.
  • In twos and threes and small groups the girls came hurrying in answer to the call of the tinkling bell.
  • Go and sit down again and study this table till you know the threes and the fours and the fives and the sixes, perfectly.
  • Male flowers consist of a perianth without corolla, the sepals arranged by threes in two or three whorls.
  • In twos and threes the girls stood making plans for next year, or talking over the events of the day.
  • They'll make him pat balls back to the bowler which he'd cut for twos and threes if he was left to himself.
  • By twos and threes he would send out his sons to their labors, bidding them travel to their destination in the cheapest possible way.
  • Their scouts came on in clumps of twos and threes which extended over some mile of front, the centre of the line heading for the drift.
  • The country children see them as lambs' tails, dangling in twos and threes in the gentle air.
  • To them, sitting there, by ones and twos and threes the refugees came straggling in to gather for the night around their own fires.
  • The sub retreated to his hiding-place, for the men were beginning to return, straggling up in groups of threes and fours.
  • We used to see their bodies by twos and threes and half-dozens being carried to the Armenian cemetery where they were buried.
  • Nuts are put before the fire in pairs, instead of by threes as in Ireland, and named for a lover and his lass.
  • They stood in droves, in the sheltered entrances of the halls, and occasionally darted out by ones and twos and threes to rescue distressed co-eds.
  • Then by twos and threes they drifted away to their homes, talking in bated undertone, or shuffling silently along, staring straight before them.
  • Gentlemen call either singly, in couples, by threes or fours and sometimes even more, in carriages or on foot, as they choose.
  • Muttering, shrugging, shaking their heads, they dispersed, going off in two and threes to take cover from the wind-driven sand.
  • In twos and threes and larger clusters the picnic party began to move off the ground back towards the Manor House.
  • Singly and by twos and threes those palely gleaming figures moved toward the altar, until more than a hundred of them were crowded together before the sanctuary rail.
  • The men who were booked for the same lecture as the girls were standing in twos and threes a little distance away, or strolling up and down the flagged pathways.

Definition of Threes

plural of three | threes pl (plural only) | The age of three; three years old. The boy in his threes is just learning to talk.
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