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How To Use Thresh In A Sentence?

  • What need, therefore, to thresh out further a subject that she had chopped into atoms?
  • Thou dost march through the land in indignation, Thou dost thresh the nations in anger.
  • His sense of comfort increased, and the regular, even, musical thresh of the rain promoted sleep.
  • According to the latest analysis, made by Dr. Thresh in 1881, the following results were obtained.
  • For the next five minutes there was no sound, except the thresh of the rain and the cry of the wind.
  • It is against the law to leave the post-office unoccupied, but he can thresh that out with his wife at home after he has voted.
  • And that was the true attitude of his mind; but these eternal differences it was his joy to thresh out and wrangle over by the hour.
  • The sea played with him maliciously, saving him repeatedly, only to thresh him the harder when it had tired of its sport.
  • After a while the onions bore a plentiful crop of seeds, and the Indians began to gather and thresh it.
  • He sat a while, listening to the thresh of the rain and the cry of the wind; for, up here in the high land the full storm broke on him.
  • Apart from losing the chance to thresh it out with you two, I have never been on more fascinatingly interesting geological ground.
  • We hear that Grant is massing his troops for a grand attack, and there is little time to thresh up all our own quarters for spies.
  • Then he perceives how good for the breed it must be that a man should thresh himself to pieces in naked competition with his neighbour while his wife struggles unceasingly over primitive savagery in the kitchen.
  • They tie it in sheaves with a straw before it is ripe enough to gather to prevent the wind from shaking out the grains, and when it has matured, they thresh it with sticks into their canoes.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Thresh | Thresh Sentence

  • But we must thresh this out.
  • The trees did not sway or thresh about.
  • We must thresh this matter out to-morrow, Ned.
  • I've got to thresh out a lot of things.
  • E'en swinge the dogs, and thresh them sicker!
  • If it isn't, we must thresh it out when we meet.

Definition of Thresh

(transitive, agriculture) To separate the grain from the straw or husks (chaff) by mechanical beating, with a flail or machinery. | (transitive, literary) To beat soundly, usually with some tool such as a stick or whip; to drub.
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