Threshing In A Sentence

Definition of Threshing

present participle of thresh | The process by which something is threshed.

How To Use Threshing In A Sentence?

  • On entering the shed he observed a threshing outfit that had been stored for the winter.
  • The roar of the thunder echoed above the wail of the wind and the threshing of the waves.
  • They were threshing the wheat on both sides or the track as far as the eye could see.
  • The ripples from one wave had not time to flow back before those of the next came threshing in.
  • He again noted the tall trees threshing in the wind, and the looming monuments.
  • I beat him down with rapid blows, threshing at him, shouting and yelling exultantly.
  • The water is alive with them, churning and threshing over one another like a pot full of eels.
  • The three took up the long-abandoned mystery, threshing over the old, dry chaff of it.
  • In Lithuania, again, the corn-spirit is believed to be killed at threshing as well as at reaping.
  • The Turkish method of threshing is a very remarkable one, very early, I imagine.
  • Harriet felt the blanket jerked violently from her and heard a floundering and threshing on all sides that filled her with alarm.
  • I only spoke out of the reality of my doubts;" and then we went on threshing the thing out.
  • Man fell against man with oaths and wild threshing of the arms, but they all knew one another for friends.
  • This threshing naturally requires a good deal of space, and it protected the lower part of our football field.
  • William bore the appearance of a man who had slept by a smoky chimney, or encountered the butt end of a threshing flail.
  • Nay, he will not ever be threshing it, and driving his cart wheels and his horses over it; he doth not crush it.
  • Little farm-houses sheltered under the mud cliffs, and on the circular threshing floors almonds and red peppers were spread out to dry in the sun.
  • We then asked a group of men, who were winnowing corn on a flat biblical threshing floor of beaten mud, which was the direction.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Threshing | Threshing Sentence

  • You keep on threshing it out in your mind.
  • He was growling and threshing about far below.
  • But threshing failed to bring it.
  • Like chaff from a threshing floor.
  • In threshing time, too!
  • I could not locate the threshing of brush.
  • Squads were set to threshing the forests for spies.
  • There he sees workmen threshing the grain.
  • His threshing legs were secured at knees and ankles.
  • The hiss and threshing of many wings came unceasingly.
  • This ceremonial threshing is shown in Pl.
  • Think of threshing with the flail and winnowing with the wind.
  • Something was threshing about the trail and coughing horribly.
  • To stay here threshing straw why car'st thou?
  • He often compared himself to a horse yoked to a threshing machine.
  • Guided by the threshing of bushes he pushed on for ten or twenty yards.
  • They believed that threshing the onion seeds would produce the powder.
  • Others had no harvest, but your threshing ground was covered with sheaves!
  • Flivvers bumped over the rough ground, chugging like threshing machines.
  • When the last baby was three days old, just in threshing time, she died.
  • She heard Burns threshing his team at the well, with the sound of oaths.
  • There was a man named Carl Bonton who owned a threshing machine.

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