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  • His whole being thrilled with happiness.
  • Jean thrilled then with a tremor of fear.
  • For an instant his words startled and thrilled me.
  • My heart thrilled with various emotions.
  • Dolly thrilled with interest and excitement and sympathy.
  • The thought of his coming thrilled her with a new joy.
  • The thought thrilled through you like new nerves.
  • The eyes that thrilled me through and through with their magnetic subtlety?
  • They thrilled through me with an appeal to my heart not to be mistaken.
  • How often it thrilled me and troubled me with delight that day.
  • Edith was thrilled by the passionate emotion she felt near her.
  • Britain thrilled at the news of her soldiers' bravery.
  • The rapture of the returning life to nature thrilled my inmost being.
  • I exclaimed, as her unfaltering accent thrilled the last amen.
  • The unutterable thought thrilled me and left me speechless, even in thinking.
  • Something in the very sound thrilled Jaquetta and me at once with dismay.
  • It thrilled Rhoda with the misery of the night of her capture.
  • Bob and I were thrilled to the depths of our being by this exciting scene.
  • Earth fades; and the air is thrilled with ways, Dewy paths full of comfort.
  • Whilst I was musing, the low sweet voice of Alumion thrilled me to the marrow.
  • It was so evident the girl's whole nature thrilled to the approaching step.

How To Use Thrilled In A Sentence?

  • At that instant he was thrilled to the roots of his hair by a scream, strangely muffled.
  • Colley thrilled with excitement; after the first part of the race the change was delightful.
  • She had never seen a soul laid bare before, and the sight thrilled and troubled her.
  • The touch of her hand that morning, the old note in her voice, still thrilled him.
  • With the same melody she calls me yet Which thrilled me to the heart when first we met.
  • Her beauty, her sincerity, her tenderness, her innocence, her sweetness thrilled him.
  • So with the music of another day His deep voice thrilled the awe-struck, listening folk.
  • Suddenly Mr. Gibney thrilled electrically to a shrill yip from Captain Scraggs.
  • How we thrilled to the shouting newspaper sellers as the first false flush of victory gave place to the realisation of defeat.
  • She looked at him silently, with a despairing appealing look that thrilled him, familiar as he was with such looks.
  • Dave started up, all weakness and dizziness disappearing as if by magic, as he thrilled over the possible peril of his comrade.
  • But a change in their expression flashed instantaneously, and both felt each other tremble, thrilled with the bliss of their proximity.
  • Joan had done her thrilled best to understand, since it was expected of her, but she felt rather puzzled.
  • They were rather thrilled at the prospect of a denouement to the story of Harboro's eccentricity.
  • Then he went on, and his tone had become subdued, and its rich note thrilled with the depths of passion stirring him.
  • At that moment something happened that thrilled through his nerves and veins like an electric shock, and left him mentally stunned.
  • Even now, when she was grown up, it thrilled him when Beatrix was in one of her affectionate moods.
  • Heroism, self-sacrifice, he had found in the most unlikely places, and thrilled to them as a fighting nature thrills to the drum.
  • Her innocence, her charming friendliness, her sweetness, all swept over him, and he thrilled with a sense of protection.

Definition of Thrilled

Extremely excited or delighted. | simple past tense and past participle of thrill
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