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  • We can at will sing throaty and nasal tones.
  • A voice cut through a throaty and grieving murmur.
  • Lem gasped, between throaty convulsions.
  • A rich, throaty tenor with not a squeak in it.
  • Any one can imitate a very bad throaty or nasal tone.
  • With a throaty gurgle his victim joined the shadows of the floor.
  • She heard the throaty chuckle again, from somewhere to the left of her.
  • But the terms nasal and throaty are general descriptions of faulty tones.
  • The general nature of a throaty tone, for example, is thoroughly understood.
  • She laughed again, a different sort of old laugh, a fat and throaty one.
  • The Pan, giving a deep throaty kind of growl, began to shuffle toward them.
  • A throaty singer's soft tones generally lack the carrying quality.

How To Use Throaty In A Sentence?

  • But of the thousands of varieties of the throaty tone no adequate description can be given.
  • Some form of throaty quality always mars the voice when the throat is in a stiffened condition.
  • Fully as many throaty singers are heard nowadays as the old masters ever listened to.
  • The tones are more or less throaty or nasal, or indicative of some degree of muscular tension.
  • There is an almost infinite variety of throaty tones, and of nasal sounds as well.
  • In the gloom they are indistinguishable; all of them talk in the same strained, throaty whisper.
  • This is equally true of a nasal tone in singing, and of a strongly throaty tone as well.
  • The secretary followed, and through the closed door they caught the harsh, throaty monotone.
  • Louder and ever louder rose the throaty voices, faster and faster passed the cups and dippers.
  • Bad voice production, throaty and rigid, must always go with flattening and wavering pitch.
  • But the bird merely cocked a bright eye at her, and uttered a little warning, throaty sound.
  • How then did Tosi and Mancini know the manner in which a throaty tone is produced?
  • Further, the more pronounced the state of throat stiffness the more marked does the throaty or nasal quality become.
  • Vowels are emitted with a nasal twang or a throaty growl that seem at times most unpardonable noises when coming from a pretty face.
  • We feel that the correction of the faults of production indicated by a throaty voice would add greatly to the beauty of the voice.
  • She tried to speak but her fury gave voice only in throaty growls, and an older woman than all of them stepped between them in protest.
  • In voices of extremely nasal or throaty sound these blemishes can, of course, be detected by the ordinary hearer.
  • For him there is an almost infinite variety of throaty tones, each one indicating some degree and form of throat tension or stiffening.
  • Hate smoldered in the swinish eyes as, in the seclusion of the office, he glowered and planned and rumbled his throaty threats.
  • Another call followed it, and then a throaty thrilling, and then another short series of acrid and moving calls.
  • Marian had a pleasant voice, throaty and low, that sounded intimate even when talking about something pragmatic.
  • A throaty voice simply sounds throaty; the hearer feels this, and pays no attention to the source of the information.
  • Accustomed to the sound of his own voice, the singer may be unaware of a throaty or nasal quality which he would instantly detect in another voice.
  • To cure oneself of this throaty quality attack your notes from the abdomen, the mouth well open, standing in front of a mirror.
  • With a hoarse, throaty grunt the male leopard flew across the sand, coming straight at me, and then launched himself into the air.
  • A tone may be "attacked" with a nasal or throaty quality, and then be improved, by simply eliminating the objectionable quality.
  • Aunt Sally laughed, an amused, throaty little chuckle at this, and then the worried frown came back.
  • She laughed again, a husky, throaty laugh that sounded, however, much nicer and more human than before, and gave me a good-natured little push.

Definition of Throaty

(of a sound) Produced in the throat; having a rough or coarse quality like a sound produced in the throat. | (of livestock or dogs) Having a dewlap or excess skin hanging under the neck.

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