Throbbing In A Sentence

How To Use Throbbing In A Sentence?

  • He sat down on the foot of his bed and pressed his hands tightly to his throbbing temples.
  • Blanche asked, her brain fairly throbbing with the thoughts of the whole affair.
  • As he listened a series of throbbing raps seemed to come from the chair beneath her hand.
  • The trumpets were blowing gayly, and the throbbing of the drums betokened the coming conflict.
  • The world of the last few throbbing weeks seemed far enough away with him, too.
  • At the top he paused and removed his cap to let the cool air blow against his throbbing temples.
  • He felt her heart throbbing beneath his own; her breath came warm upon his cheek.
  • The steamboat came rapidly down the river, her paddles throbbing loudly in the night air.
  • I want neither thy perfumes nor thy spices, nor the throbbing hearts of thy slaves.
  • But she was mistaken; moreover, the apparition began to address her in throbbing bursts of song.
  • To wed so young a maid, and then the tears Broke from his eyes and burned his throbbing breast.
  • Whether any of my British colleagues were throbbing with similar emotions, I never knew.
  • The red and green tail-lights were dwindling away along the throbbing rails when she arrived at the station.
  • Naught is to be heard in the deep silence but the sighs of two lovers, and the throbbing of two hearts.
  • As she looked at the room a feeling of indescribable sadness crept over her, and a sigh of bitterness burst from her throbbing bosom.
  • The cool night air soothed his throbbing head; the sight of the starry heaven did good to his darkened soul.
  • There was something stirring in his heart then, something throbbing there, which seemed to bring with it a cloud of new and bewildering emotions.
  • The girls were sipping tea in the library, and talking, when there came from out in front the sudden throbbing of an auto motor.
  • Into the solitudes it rang, wakening the stillness, echoing to hill-top, and throbbing down to distant valley.
  • It brought such a throbbing of wild hope with it that Gray recoiled at his own feelings, but the feelings remained.
  • His mouth was lined with a brown slime of dead liquor, which nauseated him and sent the dull ache to his head in great throbbing waves.
  • The subtle, dramatic excitement, which only a question of life or death seems to generate, was throbbing through the dreary court.
  • Every plowing step drove her heart pounding like an engine, and every lagging footfall started her scared thoughts throbbing louder than her heart.
  • For all her remote manner and outward calm, her heart, throbbing full, bounded in her breast and beat in her throat until she felt suffocating.
  • Steven could not hear the words the choir chanted, but the deep music of the organ seemed to him to be but the echo of what was throbbing in his own heart.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Throbbing | Throbbing Sentence

  • His heart was throbbing furiously.
  • The throbbing in my head was frightful.
  • A strange throbbing began at his heart.
  • The throbbing of the engines was suddenly hushed.
  • There was a brief, throbbing silence.
  • Here dew would cool a throbbing brow.
  • I can feel life hammering and throbbing in the air.
  • He spoke of the heat of the sun, of his throbbing head.
  • Glaucon's temples now were throbbing as if to burst.
  • Dicksie with her pulses throbbing at fever-heat heard the words.
  • At last the breath of heaven for a moment cooled my throbbing brow.
  • She pressed her hands to her throbbing temples, and tried to think.
  • He was speaking now in a low and throbbing voice, oblivious of time and space.
  • The injustice brought a lump of self-pity to her throbbing throat....
  • A little throbbing cry had broken from Helen's lips.

Definition of Throbbing

Beating or pounding strongly. | present participle of throb | That which throbs.
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