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  • Wetter was in the throes of excitement.
  • Who writhe in throes of mortal pain?
  • He was dead, or in the very throes of death.
  • The whole nation surged as if in the last throes of death.
  • Still he was in the throes of his dream and only half awakened.
  • Blind anguish kept him straining as in the throes of a violent nausea.
  • At that time the throes of the great revolution were settling down to quiet.
  • The vicar was in the throes of a new sermon when the news reached him.
  • The newly-arrived Haviland, in the throes of this emotion, looks about him.

How To Use Throes In A Sentence?

  • These were throes which would terminate in the birth of some gigantic and sanguinary purpose.
  • The poor young woman alone lay concealed in the garden in the throes of a fever.
  • She seems a priestess in the convulsive throes of inspiration, and about to breathe the oracle.
  • Is it possible to avoid the throes of labor, and have children without suffering?
  • A century ago nearly the whole of the southern world was in the throes of political readjustment.
  • There were throes of love within her, of aspiration, of an ineffable delight in being.
  • As he returned to Foxholes the country was in the throes of a general election.
  • Sometimes, in the throes of literary composition, she could not think of the word that she wanted.
  • Edith was dressed, when she found Bruce still in the throes of an agitated toilet.
  • Bowing his dark face in his hands, the big, black rustler shook in the throes of saving grief.
  • Nobody in Love, or in the first throes of a new friendship, will believe me, of course.
  • England was immersed to the exclusion of everything else in the throes of the Irish-Ulster crisis.
  • At the time of the delivery of this speech Europe was in the throes of the World War.
  • To the throes of the vendor, the agony of uncertainty as to the completion of the purchase inevitably succeeds.
  • After confidential pour-parlers, he explained to me that his nation was in the throes of a great crisis.
  • Many of these pictures were based upon the insidious doubts which never fail to attack those in the throes of a consuming passion such as his.
  • They stood staring at the scorched herbage and the basin where the earth was cracked apart in its last gasping throes of thirst.
  • We were distant from that volcano, with mountains between us; but its convulsive throes shook the solid foundations of nature.
  • The dying woman knew her even then in the fierce throes of dissolution, and the sunken eyes beamed as she bent over the pillow.
  • Surely no American would consent that such a civilization as is evidenced here should perish in the throes of civil war.
  • But he was prudent, and was not disposed to do anything that would hurl Cuba into the throes of revolution.
  • They came in bursting sobs, a succession of rending throes that she struggled to stifle, swaying and quivering under their stress.
  • My behest was with living not dead Spain, as investigated during the throes of a political convulsion.
  • The hope that it will is a large factor in stimulating liberal sympathy for a Japan which is beginning to undergo the throes of transition.
  • She had never seen him like this, never seen any man, in the first deadly throes of an anguish that was as life and death to him.
  • Every fresh burst of thunder seemed to August to be the rocking of the world, trembling in the throes of dissolution.
  • The throes of a gigantic revolution have not sufficed to outweigh the instinctive love of law and order peculiar to the English race.
  • As Canton happened to be in the throes of a revolution at that time, people were flocking by the thousands from there to Hongkong.
  • He felt the ground trembling in the throes of a titanic upheaval, while his entire being seemed to be hammered and torn by the frightful cataclysm of sounds.
  • It seemed hard to believe that recently there had been a tremendous war, and that even now the world was writhing in the throes of political and social upheaval and change.
  • During the first half year of 1921, it has even outdone America and England, because these two countries were in the throes of a crisis.

Definition of Throes

plural of throe
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