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  • Ploughing through that within range of the enemy must have been somewhat trying.
  • They had been hunted through the night by the policeman, and had come in for something hot.
  • Hubert did not answer, and a quiver of distraction ran through the muscles of her face.
  • Even for troops marching along a road running through its midst, it has a certain fascination.
  • Dandy, who had galloped up-stairs, stood looking through the banisters, wagging his tail.
  • One man earned an obviously ample livelihood by carrying his grandfather on his back through the streets.
  • Thunder echoes through the rocky caves with incessant reverberations, and rain settles down in a drenching flood.
  • Waterfalls dash through thickets of crimson foxglove, and daturas swing their fragrant bells over the dancing water.
  • But this is to view the doctrine of liberty, not as it is held by its advocates, but as it is seen through the medium of a false psychology.
  • She saw the pulsing of the broken wings, and felt the pity that was pulsing through the sunny world at this darkening tragedy.
  • The narrow track skirts dark depths of matted foliage, with strange bird-calls echoing through the gloom.
  • Since leaving Gyantse we had marched through a country that seemed to grow more and more destitute of the supplies we needed.
  • The young birds work their way through the mound, and run off at once into the forest, where they start on an independent career.
  • So did his thoughts run as he leaned back on the cushions of a first-class carriage, glancing casually through the evening paper.
  • Her cheeks were tinted with the crisp air and her eyes were dancing with the brisk walk home through the Park.
  • How delightful is it, after passing through the dark labyrinths of human folly to sit at thy feet and drink in the lessons of heavenly wisdom!
  • For the sake of those who went through this trial and were not found wanting, Tibetan warfare should not be despised.
  • The cooing of the nutmeg pigeon, which feeds on the abundant fruit, echoes through the shadowy glades with soothing monotony.
  • Squalid women in blue yashmaks loll on the crazy verandah, whence a native secretary marshals us through the dusty and ruinous building.
  • Brahminism through centuries of isolation, has assimilated many extraneous heathen rites, and wild superstitions have overlaid the original creed.
  • Some sounds of liquid melody found their way out through the heavy doors, and helped to make the tedious half hour pass like magic.
  • The spirit of enterprise is also in abeyance, scotched if not killed by the struggles of the memorable pilgrimage through the Minahasa.
  • This grand object, revelation informs us, has been attained by the redemption of the world through Christ.
  • To avoid commiseration of heartless friends and the triumphant glances of literary enemies, Hubert passed through the door leading on to the stage.
  • In those days, to the casual traveller through Tibet, old women would have appeared to form the bulk of the population.
  • We are informed in his word, that it is by the redemption of the world, through Christ, that the ends of his moral government are secured.
  • Dandy drowsed at her feet, and very often she would take him to the window and make him go through all his tricks, calling on Hubert to admire him.
  • Kawi literature, popularised by translation, and familiar through the medium of national drama, interprets Javanese creeds and traditions.
  • The little train burrows through a forest-lined pass, and skirts the chafing waters of the Anei river, foaming over swarthy boulders.
  • They returned through the park, hardly speaking at all, Emily absent-minded as usual, waving her parasol occasionally at a passing butterfly.
  • Grief of a worse kind had been widespread through the night, many officers and men losing their only shelter irretrievably at two or three in the morning.
  • I used to spend hours wondering if those horsemen galloping so madly through the wood were robbers, and if they had robbed the castle shown between the trees.
  • The opening of the door put an end to their chat and they followed the respectable woman through the courtyard again, feeling quite at home with its quaint quadrangle.
  • Judith had come in and was hurrying through her toilet at an unusual rate of speed, but she paused and critically surveyed her sister with her head first on one side and then on the other.
  • Rampaging about, he tried to find an exit through a batch of mules in one direction and a batch of mounted infantry in the other, but found himself baffled in both.
  • I had no transport with me nor means of collecting the supplies, and through an oversight had taken no one with me to send back with messages to the rear as to the result of my discoveries in each village.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Through | Through Sentence

  • It led him through a country where all was promise of milk and honey.
  • A long walk through the encroaching jungle fills up the day.
  • I'll take him for a good long ramble through the house.
  • He looks poor, and I fancy he has lived through very hard times.

Definition of Through

Passing from one side of something to the other. | Finished; complete. | Valueless; without a future.
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