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  • I shall even have to throw over some ballast.
  • The clerk would throw over a file of New Orleans journals.
  • Any player failing to catch the object must make the throw over again.

How To Use Throw Over In A Sentence?

  • His first intention had been to throw over all his scientific study once for all.
  • Rupert Ashley would be a fool to throw over a superb, high-spirited creature like that.
  • In negotiating with Mustapha Kemal, France undoubtedly hopes to get him to throw over the Arabs.
  • Three men were standing ready to throw over the despatch barrel as soon as the small steamer should appear.
  • Sometimes they looked very lovingly at the doctor, and this officer would tell me they were asking him to throw over a cat for them to swallow.
  • The first thing they did was to throw over their lines; for they could see the fish through the clear water of the lake.
  • Usually one of the blankets used in the winter is kept to throw over him when standing about, or when walking back from work.
  • This experience left him in no pleasanter frame of mind, while a wish to throw over the whole thing returned with renewed temptation.
  • Then a shawl, of flannel or any other warm material, is to be provided, to throw over the shoulders if the weather be cold.
  • It was evident that the Virgin had instigated me to throw over the image, as the only means of stopping the leak.
  • Mr. Shaw, not being easily pleased, decides to throw over humanity with all its limitations and go in for progress for its own sake.
  • At this moment Judy Malony came pattering along the wet deck with a kid of potato-peelings to throw over the bows.
  • It was notorious that the jockey would throw over the Heir to the Throne himself at the last moment to ride for the little Levantine.
  • So he was graciously pleased to throw over him the wing of his patronage, and the beginning of this strange friendship was destined to lead to some very startling experiences indeed before it should end.
  • Sooner or later that woman will throw over this dear brother of ours, but not before she has spoiled him for hard work, and given him a taste for luxury and a contempt for our humdrum life.
  • It should be sufficiently large to wrap the saddle up in completely, and in the summer the "syce" can bring it with him to act as a horse-cloth to throw over the quarters when standing about.
  • If Oscur, the son of Oisin, lived, he would take this flag in his right hand; he would fling it in a throw over the host.

Definition of Throw Over

(transitive) To end a romantic/sexual relationship with. | (transitive) To discard or give up (a plan or project, etc.).
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