Throwing In A Sentence

Definition of Throwing

present participle of throw | The act by which something is thrown. | The process of making ceramic ware on the potter's wheel

How To Use Throwing In A Sentence?

  • She betrayed herself to the extent of throwing back her head with a little tilt to the chin.
  • He rose, throwing back his head and straightening himself with a quick proud gesture.
  • Then, throwing back his antlers, he disappears in the direction taken by his mate.
  • They rode to where the forces assembled by Lance were throwing up embankments and riprapping.
  • The "Blue Streak" gained momentum and charged ahead, throwing showers of sand into the air.
  • He was dipping this into the water and throwing its contents against the blazing after-part of the boat.
  • In his experience he had observed with some curiosity that drink and women were alike in throwing men off their balance.
  • Guion warmed to his subject, dragging himself farther up on the couch and throwing the coverlet from his knees.
  • Their action is interesting in throwing better light on the more improved types, if for no other reason.
  • We thought nothing of throwing religious organisations out of employment or superseding all the newspapers by freely distributed bulletins.
  • The break between them serves the purpose of a rhetorical pause, throwing into prominence some detail of the action.
  • While the sailors were so engaged, the troops were busy making roads and throwing up redoubts to protect their position.
  • This unity of consciousness and self-consciousness implies in the first instance the individuals mutually throwing light upon each other.
  • Still, this does not quite excuse your smashing all the furniture and throwing the fire-irons into the street in one of the paroxysms you speak of.
  • That night they camped at a ranch, throwing down their beds in barns and sheds, and eating in the open.
  • Pringle jerked the lever, throwing another cartridge into the barrel, as if to fire again at the falling bird.
  • These things are mighty motors which push along civilization, throwing a wonderful energy into the forward impulse of the world.
  • She picked up the letters and began to tear them up with almost violence, throwing the fragments into the grate as though they soiled her hands.
  • Below, the long waves were breaking through upon the rocks, throwing little fountains of spray into the air.
  • The broad portion used for throwing or carrying the ball was formed of thongs of deerskin, interwoven and drawn firm and tight.
  • Lenny Poe had a passion for throwing his money away on any unpredictable event that would offer him odds.
  • So much did the first frosts quicken us that it was difficult to resist throwing up our farm work before the game season was fairly upon us.
  • He strode to the window-door leading out to the terraced lawn, and, throwing it open, passed out into the darkness.
  • He turned off the light and crawled back to the tree trunk, and leaned up against it, throwing his legs around the branch to keep himself stable.
  • He gave a sharp turn to the canoe as he spoke, and it bounded away towards the right, thereby throwing those outside it on their quarter.
  • The lugger was tearing along, occasionally throwing a cloud of spray over her bows, and leaving a track of white water behind her.
  • Hans pulled out his handkerchief, wrapped up the lump of gold in it, and, throwing it over his shoulder, made his way home.
  • A pair of leather breeches would seem to be throwing one leg out of the half-open drawers, and empty bottles lumbered the bottom of every closet.
  • Ulric, thinking she had not observed his approach, dismounted hastily, and throwing his dark cloak around him, entered the garden.
  • The second child, a little girl of about four, was kneeling at the feet of her elder sister, and throwing dried flowers into the fire.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Throwing | Throwing Sentence

  • Again the pony reared, nearly throwing the deputy.
  • But she had a scruple about throwing over old Mrs Ottley.
  • Would he not simply be throwing away his money to offer it to him?
  • Andrews had brought him a new deck, and he was throwing out the joker.
  • He jumped to his feet, throwing his cigar violently into the fire.
  • Everything was done accurately and rapidly, and without throwing away chances.
  • You fancy you're throwing dust in my eyes, and you haven't thrown a grain.
  • No, no, my boy; that would be simply throwing away our lives.
  • He couldn't understand a woman throwing away a thing like that.
  • He thought he was throwing dust in my eyes, but he didn't throw a grain.

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