Thrumming In A Sentence

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  • Brune was thrumming on the window-pane.
  • They marched into the garden thrumming bravely a popular two-step march.

How To Use Thrumming In A Sentence?

  • Some one was thrumming on a banjo and now and then singing a few lines from a popular song.
  • Hawksley rejected the first two instruments after thrumming the strings with his thumb.
  • To the regular and melancholy thrumming of the calabash, she sang her song of love.
  • When the door was opened, distant sounds of the thrumming of banjoes could be heard.
  • Her cheeks were rosy with the happy thrumming of her heart; a delirious beat was in her temples.
  • There was only the faint thrumming of the rockets lowering the old ship to Earth.
  • Charmides ran ahead and was sitting thrumming a lyre when his father and Creon came up.
  • My dreams present you thrumming on your string Playing at proper stands, God save the king!
  • We were taking a siesta when the sound of thrumming roused us from the half sleep which the afternoon gives.
  • He took her hands and pressed them upon his thrumming heart; and in this attitude they remained for some time.
  • A tinkling of mandolins, a thrumming of guitars, informed her of street-singers stationed under her windows.
  • It changed, for me, a clanking, thrumming machine-made world into a shining fairyland of dreams come true.
  • By two in the morning our shrouds were thrumming in a piping breeze, and I got up and gave her more scope on her hawser.
  • He heard the harsh scream of the wind aloft, the vibrant thrumming of tautened stays, the banging of a block, the crash of boarding seas.
  • The Spaniard amused himself thrumming on a guitar, that belonged to one of the Mexican herders on the island.
  • So we started from Paris the next day, and had a splendid run, through scenery to set the spirit singing in tune with the thrumming of the motor.
  • Coarse laughter, snatches of song, the click of pool balls and the chink of glasses mingled with the thrumming of three or four musical instruments along the lighted way.

Definition of Thrumming

present participle of thrum | The sound or action of something that thrums.
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