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  • But no thrush did she see.
  • A thrush was singing.
  • Again our thrush discovered that he was not alone.
  • And the thrush at length came down.
  • The thrush flew to and fro.
  • The thrush itself would be jealous of my note.
  • The young thrush had the benefit of the advice.
  • The wood thrush is the handsomest species of this family.
  • He was awakened by a thrush singing in the fresh dawn.
  • The red thrush broke into song and startled them both.
  • On the south side is a tree in which a thrush is singing.
  • The thrush episode was only a portent, and not the first.
  • The thrush utters a note of alarm and flies away.
  • A single brown thrush was leading the chorus on the 29th.
  • The white thrush shall sleep in my lodge to-night.
  • Tom Thrush was surprised.
  • Tom Thrush waited in the boat.
  • Jane Thrush was worth some sort of sacrifice.
  • The thrush is silent, but has its usual trim, alert look.
  • As I proceeded the thrush grew more and more uneasy.
  • But Thrush was yet another man the moment he was alone.
  • The Thrush and the Swallow.
  • Employment "Stick to it" the thrush sings.
  • Lettice winced, but Thrush nodded as though that tallied.
  • O little thrush (C) ...
  • A thrush sang aloft in a tree; Meg thought it sang for her.
  • Tom Thrush thought over what Alan said.
  • Varied Thrush or Oregon Robin.
  • The Aztec Thrush is rare in Coahuila.
  • Tom Thrush made the most of his hours at Sherwood Inn.
  • But when she lingered the melody of a thrush pierced her through and through.
  • By some thrush is believed to be but the commencement of canker.
  • The thrush cannot carry on with the same indifference to cats.
  • But even the robin and the thrush have a recognisable pattern.
  • The thrush and the starling would not understand what you meant.

How To Use Thrush In A Sentence?

  • Thereafter and at last the thrush went to sleep in a spruce-fir.
  • The red thrush seemed now to be part of the pleasantness of the garden.
  • It may lead to thrush or other forms of infection of the mouth.
  • Nigh me, a persistent and inquiring thrush clamoured from a pine.
  • But that lasted but a moment, for as long as the thrush paused.

Definition of Thrush

A fungal infection caused by Candida, now especially of the vagina; candidiasis.
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