Thuds In A Sentence

Definition of Thuds

plural of thud

How To Use Thuds In A Sentence?

  • The dull thuds of the tireless breakers are telling the story of different lives.
  • From that spot obscure sounds began rising, thuds and gratings and a shrill hissing noise.
  • Between the thuds Deborah could hear footsteps running inward from every quarter.
  • This was the only time that the boys actually heard the thuds of the striking missiles on the body of the machine.
  • The great thuds of the men's feet were close upon me, and they breathed like beaten horses.
  • Voices came from behind him; then he heard two heavy thuds in succession; the men had jumped into the tunnel.
  • Scarcely had he finished than yells and heavy footsteps were heard; there came heavy thuds and fierce kicks followed by repeated hammering.
  • With a loud cry of surprise and alarm the flock divided in two, and almost instantly there were several heavy thuds on the ground close by.
  • There was an angry roar from a human throat, a raucous curse, a rushing body, the thuds of swift, hard blows.
  • Then came soft little thuds on the floor, a whimper or two, small sighs, and a slither of bare legs on bare boards.
  • As I dismounted I heard heavy thuds and cracks accompanied by fierce utterances in a foreign tongue.
  • He stepped out of the cabin and presently Gibney and McGuffey were conscious of a rapid succession of thuds on the deck.
  • His words were lost in the terrific thunder from above: the roar of the ships and the dull thuds of the guns engulfed them in a maelstrom of noise that battered like physical blows on the watchers below.
  • It was not a particularly loud noise, but it seemed to consist of a series of thuds or heavy blows, such as might be struck on a wooden door by a man seeking to enter.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Thuds | Thuds Sentence

  • The thuds continued; there was no other sound.
  • There were loud thuds against the hull that shook the framework of the ship.
  • A fury of sound hurled at them, thuds and scratchings rang on the armor.

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