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  • We veer between the abomination of city-reform and the desolation of Ultima Thule.
  • Another half-hour sees us into Bosheston, the remotest village of this Ultima Thule.
  • In elk geval maakt Plinius er melding van en noemt ze Electriden of Ultima Thule.
  • Like the old King of Thule with the gold goblet of his mistress he would have had to cast it into the sea, before he died.
  • He does not profess to have visited Thule, and his account probably refers to the existence of drift ice near the Shetlands.
  • Medusa, the nearest, is 198 million miles, and Thule, the farthest, is 396 million miles from the sun.
  • There was a king in Thule, True even to the grave; To whom his dying mistress A golden beaker gave.
  • His prey was good, and his duty was light; but all his hopes of promotion were cut off by being stationed at what was generally considered the "ultima Thule," the very extremity of the navigable world.
  • Of what consequence was it to Horace that a poor old priest, in the Ultima Thule of the earth, should find a little pleasure in his lines, some eighteen hundred years after his death?
  • The new Vale of Tempe may be a gaunt waste in Thule; human souls may find themselves in closer and closer harmony with external things wearing a sombreness distasteful to our race when it was young.
  • To give one's self up to them is to be led by the hand into the country of Pure Imagination, into the Ultima Thule of impossible dreams.
  • Of myself, I have only to say that, being worn out with the gaieties of a London season, I looked forward to a trip to 'Ultima Thule' with pleasurable anticipations, which were ultimately fully realised.
  • The Strange Adventures of a Phaeton" followed, and in 1873 "A Princess of Thule" attained great popularity.
  • Pytheas is, however, chiefly known in the history of geography as having referred to the island of Thule, which he described as the most northerly point of the inhabited earth, beyond which the sea became thickened, and of a jelly-like consistency.
  • This was the Ultima Thule of the "Great Western's" voyage, and she seemed to know it, for she behaved splendidly at last, laying off and on till morning in fine style, evidently as proud as a ship-of-line.
  • After Faust's beautiful monologue in the garden come the song of the "King of Thule" and Marguerite's delight at finding the jewels, which conjoined express the artless vanity of the child in a manner alike full of grace and pathos.
  • But while I waited my eyes grew heavy with the blessed power to sleep--a boon, for which I then felt that I would travel to the Ultima Thule.
  • At Thurso we hailed a boat to send telegrams ashore--such a collection!--to let our various friends know we had returned in safety from Ultima Thule.
  • He rejected, however, the existence of Thule, and thus made the world narrower; while he recognised the existence of Ierne, or Ireland; which he regarded as the most northerly part of the habitable world, lying, as he thought, north of Britain.
  • Gods of Egypt and India, Chaldaea and Hellas, Babylon and Ultima Thule,--monstrous and multiform, phallic and ithyphallic, fantastic and obscene.
  • The Ultima Thule having at last been reached, the great ebb-tide began to course its way backward; and America, the youngest of nations, in gratitude for all the past, as a token of her amity and her friendship, has sent back on the advance current of this return tide not ships of war nor armed troops, but her most cherished institutions, a fully equipped American college.
  • That same park with its huge trees and black forests that was Ultima Thule in Honora's childhood; in the open places there had been real farms and hayricks which she used to slide down with Peter while Uncle Tom looked for wild flowers in the fields.

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  • Every ship is bound for Thule.
  • First mention of Thule and Ireland.
  • Ultima Thule; or a Summer in Iceland.
  • Ultima Thule, or a Summer in Iceland.
  • Thule.
  • P. Thule Danais sobrina New Guinea.
  • The unexplored territory in which they dwelt was vaguely called Thule.
  • I went north, too, to the land of Thule and was savagely happy.
  • A charming picture of manners and customs in "Ultima Thule.
  • As far they're asunder As Tempe and Ultima Thule!
  • I nerved myself, and penetrated to that Ultima Thule where Mr. Bratley resides.
  • By William Black.= A PRINCESS OF THULE.
  • Ultima Thule, utmost isle,
  • Thule, Candor, & pulchro remeare virtus
  • A Princess of Thule William Black
  • Ultima Thule
  • What is the final end, the Ultima Thule?"
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