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  • John ran too with his heart thumping against his side.
  • The three fell with a dull thumping on the deck.
  • John ran, too, with his heart thumping against his side.
  • Her face was pale and her heart thumping as she hurried out of the gymnasium.
  • Barcroft could hear him thumping the as yet unresponsive machine.
  • Lance knew he had a thumping headache and that his eyes were lumps of pain.
  • Each was perfectly certain that the thumping of her heart could be heard.
  • The piano began to thrill as if a roguish child were thumping it.
  • I spoke calmly, but my heart was thumping with excitement and resentment.
  • He leaped forward on the track, jerking and thumping and creaking.
  • He gazed in rapt admiration, his heart thumping like fury in his great breast.
  • No thumping machinery, no jangling voices, no grimy faces passing the window!
  • Dallas had started, for as Abel spoke there was a loud thumping at the door.
  • As he ran he heard Peter Rabbit thumping in the old brier patch.
  • But under that surface calm, the heart of Lite Avery was thumping violently.

How To Use Thumping In A Sentence?

  • He was always either shouting from the pulpit or thumping the desk of the schoolmaster.
  • Rhyme in a thumping rhythm seems to be not merely his trade but his morning exercise.
  • At the next glance her heart went to thumping so hard that she could plainly hear it.
  • There he was, holding the bolt, and they were tugging and thumping away at the door.
  • So one could imagine an elderly hare thumping wildly on a tambourine with the stoat behind him.
  • His heart was thumping so his ribs shook, and his breath was coming in gulps between parted lips.
  • Overhead, on the deck, a heavy thumping of hurrying feet awoke him to keener perceptiveness.
  • The cab, with the jerking and thumping peculiar to hansoms, made a circle and drew up at the curb.
  • Eustace called back tonelessly, his heart thumping hard, his colour coming and going ridiculously.
  • The men were all at their dinner, when I heard the boat thumping under the main channels.
  • On went Sally, her heart thumping lest some one should hear and sharply order her back.
  • He heard the thumping and crashing of its passage through the underbrush long after it had disappeared from sight.
  • She did most of the talking while he barely listened, being conscious only of the thumping of his capitulating heart.
  • There is a period in every agitation of a new idea when the most prosperous weapon against it is a thumping epithet.
  • She had traversed half the length of the shrubbery in safety when her heart was set thumping by a sound behind her.
  • When he sat down an old man of seventy or so began a series of senile caperings, thumping his stick on the floor.
  • But when my husband reads it, he never leaves off thumping on the table, and rapping out oaths from beginning to end.
  • Channing tiptoed back and secured the lantern, his heart thumping rather hard, not entirely for fear of discovery.
  • I do, mother," quoth he, thumping the table with his fist until the dishes rattled.
  • Marcel started out on his new career with a thumping salary; Stanislaws advised investments and speculations.
  • In others you observe a rustling, and see the boughs shaking and hear the apples thumping down, without seeing the person who does it.
  • This legend was made good use of by the smuggling fraternity, the thumping of an empty keg being sufficient to scare away inconvenient visitors.
  • Billy remembered that dangling rope, and with a thumping heart he hoped that it would hang unregarded in that shadowed angle, overrun with vines.
  • And she stood penitently watching Robert scrambling back into the boat, and overthrowing and thumping the cushions.
  • He could hear his host thumping around for a few minutes; then it was very still, save for a faint moan of wind and the ticking of a cheap clock.

Definition of Thumping

(informal) Exceptional in some degree. | present participle of thump | A dull, heavy sound.
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