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How To Use Thundercloud In A Sentence?

  • Black as a thundercloud that dark prospect stood out against the sunlit peace of the past week.
  • I kept him off; and he ate his dinner with a thundercloud face which foretold war with all governesses.
  • Even in a crisis, people get more or less accustomed to the thundercloud overhead, and the feeling of insecurity below.
  • Seated there at his study table, his face wore a very thundercloud of sternness, as he curtly invited the other to make his explanation.
  • The blackness of the island blotted out the stars with its vague mass like a low thundercloud brooding over the waters and ready to burst into flame and crashes.

Definition of Thundercloud

A large, dark cloud, usually a cumulonimbus, charged with electricity and producing thunder and lightning; a stormcloud | (by extension, figuratively) Something menacing and brooding.
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