Thursday In A Sentence

How To Use Thursday In A Sentence?

  • The court-martial was held last Thursday and sentence will be promulgated any day now.
  • His visitors were few, save only on Thursday afternoons, when he was known to be at home.
  • A special meeting for ladies was held on Thursday morning, at which there was a full attendance.
  • The calm that prevailed Thursday and Friday proved to be only the lull before the storm.
  • I at once put in for leave to go to Ottawa the next day until the following Thursday at reveille.
  • On the morning of Thursday the rebels arrived at Dumfries with 50 horse and 150 foot.
  • To-day was Wednesday; Thursday week he would sail for Singapore and close the chapter.
  • Who would willingly neglect the record of a Thursday night at Inner Temple Lane?
  • By letter summoned them forthwith to come On Holy Thursday to his city of Rome.
  • Courtlandt arrived in Marseilles Thursday morning; he reached Paris Friday morning.
  • On Thursday evening, some eruption was visible; on Saturday evening, March 27, admitted.
  • That was Tuesday; Thursday was Miss Maitland's holiday and right along she'd been going into town.
  • It was Thursday morning; the clouds that had veiled the sky during the latter part of the previous day and the previous night were gone.
  • Write to me as soon as possible, or come here, next Thursday being a holiday, but write beforehand.
  • It might amuse us to have them drop in to lunch or to dinner at any time, and to gather them together once a week, on Thursday evening.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Thursday | Thursday Sentence

  • And this was Thursday night.
  • This was on Thursday morning.
  • It was Thursday morning.
  • Where was he Thursday night?
  • Dawn of Thursday was approaching before it ended.
  • He called again on Thursday morning.
  • I came on Thursday afternoon.
  • But on Thursday you will have another chance.
  • He made up his mind on Thursday afternoon.
  • It was on a Thursday afternoon, after school.
  • When shall we come, will Thursday be a good day for you?
  • He returned to Boston on Thursday in the same manner.
  • On Thursday I had to go back to Germany.
  • On Thursday and Friday, Citizen Legrand was with you.
  • I must be in town myself about Thursday on some little business of my own.
  • On Thursday morning he'll start back.
  • The flood film was widely advertised and put on that Thursday night.
  • If you are on the wharf at 6:30 Thursday morning you will see your wife.
  • To our regret died last Thursday the patient in the isolation hospital.
  • This was Friday night, and she had been gone since Thursday afternoon.
  • On Thursday night the Wonderland was running, but to rather slim audiences.
  • Among my large audience Thursday night, I had two preachers.
  • When I got home on Thursday from a day in town, Joyce met me at the gate.
  • Let's see: today's Thursday and Labour Day's next Monday.
  • On Thursday morning, Henrietta began to awake from her sound night's rest.

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