Thyself In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Thyself | Thyself Sentence

  • Call thyself useless!
  • To reveal thyself to me?
  • Resign thyself to loss.
  • Save thyself repentance!
  • Put thyself into his place.
  • Make thyself all simplicity.
  • And be thyself the maker of this bond.
  • And like thyself in everything.
  • Wherefore now dost torture thyself further?
  • Tear thyself away from such utterances.
  • But thyself can do it, and how?
  • Expose thyself to their blind frenzy?
  • Thou drapest thyself in fire.
  • Why let thyself be troubled here?
  • Canst not thyself the potion brew?
  • Thou hast not washed thyself in it.
  • And never boast thyself in their presence!
  • Thou art thyself the unclean thing.
  • If thee works for thyself it is folly.
  • Lay thyself at the feet of thy master!
  • Arm thyself and thy people quickly.
  • When thou thyself art dark!
  • Who like thyself my guide and stay can be?
  • Expose thyself to feel what wretches feel.
  • Why didst thou not reveal thyself before?
  • Thou wert but eighteen thyself when we were wed.
  • Thou canst excuse thyself no longer.
  • Arm thyself and follow me to the audience court.
  • Surely; thyself will trust his answer now.
  • For thus shalt thou fulfil thyself and me.
  • Go to the nearest town and get thyself clothes.
  • Must earth no rascal save thyself endure?
  • Whom thou thyself not wholly dost contain.
  • Why dost thou veil thyself therefrom?
  • Cleanse thyself from the defilement of riches...

How To Use Thyself In A Sentence?

  • Then put forth thyself in seemly fashion.
  • Love on and die, but of thyself be worthy!
  • Meanwhile prepare thyself to make the pleasant tour!
  • Thou thyself didst draw him to thy kisses.
  • Do not thou content thyself with any lower ideal.

Definition of Thyself

(archaic, literary, dialectal) yourself (as the object of a verb or preposition or as an intensifier); reflexive case of thou
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