Tiaras In A Sentence

Definition of Tiaras

plural of tiara

How To Use Tiaras In A Sentence?

  • No emperor with his tiaras was obeyed as this man in a cloak of his own clouting.
  • He built tiaras above the lovely head and laid necklaces across the marvellous throat.
  • More tiaras and necklaces; and his brain took firm hold of the theme which had in the beginning lured him to the green stones.
  • The rich tiaras of the Romans sparkled brilliantly in the sunlight, and their glittering sword-hilts threw out glancing golden rays.
  • There were not many tiaras when I first knew Paris society; now every young woman has one in her corbeille.
  • She brought me up to Royalties, and people with Stars and Garters, and elderly ladles with gigantic tiaras and parrot noses.

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