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  • Must have been a tidy mess.
  • Now she had taken a tidy spell.
  • I must tidy up, too.
  • Nature is beautifully tidy if you leave her alone.
  • Pretty tidy sums must have been moving afloat just then.
  • I would wash myself carefully and tidy my bed nicely.
  • It seemed a nice, tidy town.
  • He made a tidy bit of money here last week.
  • The milker should be a neat, tidy person.
  • I don't deny as they was lookin' tidy enough a week back.
  • I'm not a very tidy girl.
  • I wouldn't enjoy a tidy room one bit.
  • I wouldn't undertake not to make a tidy job of it in less.
  • It was a two-story frame house, kept in a fairly tidy condition.
  • She looked like a poor girl, though she was neat and tidy in her dress.
  • Nest, who has made his room tidy these many days, is not fit to go in now.
  • I let her tidy the table, and said nothing, never uttered a syllable.
  • That makes a tidy gap in the wire," says William hopefully.
  • This gave him control of Carrie, and her money, a tidy sum left by her father.
  • Oh, oh, I'd better go and tidy things up.
  • There's one world, Pembroke, and you can't tidy men out of it.
  • I'll wash my face and hands, and make my hair tidy and go back to her again.

How To Use Tidy In A Sentence?

  • Even when a farmer has a tidy sum of money on deposit with the bank at one per cent.
  • I give you permission to keep your part, just there in the corner, as tidy as you please.
  • Noice furniture, a wife looking forward neat and tidy to your coming hoam for the evening.
  • A strange but neat and tidy gown was on the chair, and she put it on; it fitted exactly.
  • By this time Amanda had made the downstairs chamber all tidy and comfortable for the patient.
  • But he wasn't so far gone that he couldn't put up a tidy little battle, was he?
  • I would like the property neat, tidy and unencumbered, with a fortune in the bank for Kathleen.
  • A nice, tidy maid showed me into a charming little room, and there I found the lady.
  • And thus the Brethren made a tidy sum, Keeping their standing in Financialdom.
  • And there was a tidy bit of metal got out of the lower quarry what we didn't use all of.
  • And as she and her brother the student are the only children, she will inherit a tidy sum when the old man dies.
  • A smell of lavender pervaded the street, and the tidy little gardens were filled with all sorts of flowers.
  • Rupert raised his head, and his hands began instinctively to tidy his hair and to arrange his disordered tie.
  • Within his tidy little room, the captain who was to go out on patrol was packing the personal belongings he needed on the trip.
  • You may knit a tidy for the back of an armchair, but by no means make the money wherewith to buy the chair.
  • Ask any practised student or writer how much he loves his old desk, with its tidy pigeon-holes and familiar conveniences.
  • She expected her to fetch and carry, tidy both their cubicles, and generally maintain a very subservient and inferior position.
  • She certainly was a notable sort of body; she kept her place wonderful nice, and she had a tidy bit of brass laid by in the bank.

Definition of Tidy

Arranged neatly and in order. | Not messy; neat and controlled. | (colloquial) Satisfactory; comfortable.
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