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  • So he got up on the house to tie her up.
  • He wondered idly what tie it was.
  • The tie of blood, her affection, prevailed.
  • But, in the human mind, this tie of fate is made alive.
  • The secret of the world is, the tie between person and event.
  • When she was ready to tie on her old hat, she went to the mirror.
  • Then after our shoot is inarched here, we tie it with old-fashioned string.
  • Nations have lost their old omnipotence; the patriotic tie does not hold.
  • He felt sick as he took from his tie an emerald pin, the gift of his mother.
  • But the modest only, choose When they tie the nuptial noose.
  • He had been thinking of his dinner; but Dolly began to tie on her bonnet.
  • And I took a sweet ribbon of hers last night to tie on that horrid cat!
  • Four times Ruth stopped to get her breath, and twice to tie her shoe.
  • I had helped tie both of them, and I knew they would not soon get loose.
  • Burckhardt loosened his tie and ordered another Frosty-Flip from the waiter.
  • As he has not a law within him, there's nothing to tie him to.

How To Use Tie In A Sentence?

  • It is as impracticable to tie up the tongue of malice as to erect barricades in the open fields.
  • Your conduct for the last twelve months absolves me from any tie there may be between us.
  • No vow has been sacred enough to restrain you; no tie strong enough to hold you.
  • He wore a green tie and a striped shirt of the conspicuous kind that Stephen hated.
  • One event follows another," says he; "but we never can observe any tie between them.
  • Retchings twist and tie me, Old meat, good meals, brown gobbets, up I throw.
  • That can be no good tie which opposes the will of an individual in so sacred and delicate an affair as that of marriage.
  • They want to tie up the whole system of transportation until they starve their opponents into submission.
  • I do not wish to tie myself down for the moment, but to remain free to act as his interests may dictate.
  • Blunt in a ragged old jacket and a white tie and that incisive polite voice of his seemed strange and weird.
  • For the first time also, the force of the daily tie of business companionship was borne in upon her.
  • Perhaps a mutual dislike is a stronger tie than a mutual friendship, because our hatreds need more justifying than our affections.
  • Let us, while we feel so powerfully the nearness of the superearthly, unite our souls in a tie which can never again be broken.
  • And he was in such a hurry that he tied his tie on sideways and brushed his furry tail the wrong way, which made him look very funny.
  • Even so, very few of us realize what an astonishingly close tie exists between the survival of trees and the well-being of the human race.
  • At last here was a lady who would buckle on his armor, watch his shield, tie her token on his sleeve!
  • Though his clothes were unbrushed and his boots were unpolished, he wore a sparkling pin in his tie and several sparkling rings on his fingers.
  • Blunt had unbuttoned his shabby jacket, exposing a lot of starched shirt-front with the white tie under his dark shaved chin.
  • By the time he had reached his homestead and fallen out of the saddle, he had forgotten that he had sworn to tie them up and "whale" them.
  • His loose but well-fitting country clothes, his tie and soft collar, were all well-chosen and suitable.
  • The tie in question was an attempt to hybridise the respective colour-schemes of a tartan plaid and a Neapolitan ice.
  • I'm gettin' too old, too plumb old and disgusted with this vale of steers to change and tie down to short grass.
  • There was nothing for it but to tie their heads together and drive them as Tex had done, but with even less success.
  • But, as no one of us men can dispense with public or private faith, or with any other tie of moral obligation, so neither can any number of us.

Definition of Tie

(transitive) To twist (a string, rope, or the like) around itself securely. | (transitive) To form (a knot or the like) in a string or the like. | (transitive) To attach or fasten (one thing to another) by string or the like.
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